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  1. Sir Alex had a huge cock himself too. It was called Steve Bruce.
  2. Pretty much as Washington and Chester are part of sunderland *cough* just *cough* saying etc
  3. It is a mackem, that is all the information needed.
  4. UHT the rich energy of the milk world. #shite
  5. Surprised they haven’t caught "a whiff of gravy marra, FTM 6 in a rur (etc)” from that op mind…. Maybe they did somewhere in that mind-blowingly minging thread, 1 page was enough for me. The cringeworthy Division 3 bastards.
  6. Fuck Off. Go and shite on some graves or plastic seats man. You blue pop infused belch of a beast.
  7. Has he not got a face built by Lego?
  8. Both these pair of horrible bastards should have been hoyed out of this competition and replaced after the whole ESL disgrace. Entitled cunts.
  9. Well done mate. You deserve it!
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