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  1. Dougle

    Eddie Howe

    "People talk about them being the richest club in the world, but Eddie Howe has kept them up by signing Chris Wood and Dan Burn, not Messi and Ronaldo." Aye
  2. Great Annual Savings And I thought Fun 88 or something was shite
  3. The London streets awash with mackem jizzum and regurgitated pot noodles
  4. FFS man, I woke up 15 mins ago looking forward to some late afternoon breakfast. 🤮
  5. Dougle

    Eddie Howe

    Whey man, the soft southern (adopted) cock dangling, bed wetting cunt
  6. Dougle

    Eddie Howe

    Mate change your avatar man. It's awful and now 100% out of date
  7. Is CR7 having a sly marathon runner shite/slash/wank there?
  8. Fucking hell one of them has a mobile phone
  9. Huge apologies Craig. I thought that was Lee in the bottom left.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61493783 Has the horrendous fucker popped his corks?
  11. And the Genius Time Traveling Eddie Howe clambering in top left.
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