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  1. Well no, I didn’t mean it was canny as a Germany shirt, just meant it was reasonable as a shirt. It beats the original I think. Anyway I thought you lads had a penchant for black on yer shirts
  2. If that stripe had been a tad fatter, or slimmer, that would have looked rather canny.
  3. If giving an agitated person a dose of ketamine and then restraining them, (I’m guessing it’s not just pinning them to the ground), may cause them to stop breathing and probably die, then I suspect there is reasonable evidence to suggest that maybe ketamine is not a solution.
  4. Just seen that this afternoon. Why the fuck would they do that? Make the bar less accessible or attractive to a non-regular? Council fucking regulations no doubt.
  5. The cunt should be dropped into the middle of the away end on Sunday so the bent bastard can explain himself.
  6. Is it though? Pardon my conspiratorial tone like but it often seems that the ‘bigger’ the club, the more chance of VAR going in a certain direction. The top boys want a closed shop, no entry to their club. We know that literally from the Super League disgrace. They know it’s only a matter of time before we gate-crash and I’m sure they are more than happy to see that length of time be as long as possible.
  7. I see that Dúbravka has company on the bench, in Heaton (if the BBC are to be trusted like), so he may actually be third choice at manure, nice.
  8. Absurd? It can exist, maybe not here, probably not, but it is certainly not absurd to be suspicious of certain incidents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calciopoli
  9. But fear of whom exactly? And of what punishment if there is no sniff of corruption involved?
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