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  1. Video that and put it up here so we can all laugh at what a shite steak tenderiser you’ve got.
  2. Is that Fernández first goal with the club?
  3. I'm expecting to see nowt as I wont be watching the shite that I can predict will be delivered.
  4. Spurs 1993 for me. Mental day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSEjY5Z_Ok8
  5. In fairness this Gandaft bloke has probably generated more media interest/publicity over the last few months, for sunderland, than they themselves have. The shit bastards.
  6. Have they still got bruce on a goals per game bonus like? He must be delighted.
  7. Anyone know any carparks close to wembly marras?
  8. What's the crack with crowds at games of that level mate? Many there?
  9. That bloke in the boots must have been freezing, was it snowing there?
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