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  1. Coronavirus

    A 75 year old like her should be keeping her sweaty heed inside
  2. Coronavirus

    It's a binary world mate. Sadly.
  3. Coronavirus

    How old is the fucker?
  4. Coronavirus

    Fuck Off
  5. Coronavirus

    Fanny my arse. Normal is the word.
  6. Coronavirus

    Thanks very much you ITK doom monger
  7. Coronavirus

    Cheers mate! Yer canny for an arsehole
  8. Coronavirus

    Well said
  9. Coronavirus

  10. Coronavirus

    Perhaps I’m being whooshed, I dunno, but the posting of essentially hate and intolerance towards old folk on here and on social media in general is massively sad and disturbing. Human way I suppose, fear generates hate and it is usually the weakest in society that are the target for that. The guise of humour from some posters does not mask their evident FEAR. So howay lads, let us be decent to all.
  11. Coronavirus

    Is this ITK the same as the MA selling up stuff? Just saying
  12. Liverpool also. I have calmed own now though
  13. Kevin Keegan

    Fuck Off.

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