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  1. Is there any actual English being spoken here? Or any existing language at all?
  2. Free Trade is a tremendous pub mind. Would have suggested The Fighting Cocks over the road had it still existed.....
  3. I wonder if they've started cleaning their lines these days
  4. You seem quite keen to push this point, on more than one thread…. Just saying Oh and btw, how was yer pink slice……
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58418702 So clubs take measures to limit the spread of a virus during a pandemic that truly has fucked the world. FIFA the top governing body of ‘football’ says NO
  6. Your shit and jism look like this?
  7. I crawled up Barrack road once. It wasn’t the full way mind, just for a few feet every 10 yards or so. Fucking Slalom D. I didn’t even live in that direction. How the fuck I got home I have nay idea.
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