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  1. Got a good ribbing for suggesting what has been made clear today. It’s a shame, but was inevitable and for good reason. Newcastle deserve better than Ashley and they’ll (I mean we’ll) get it sooner or later. Best of luck Toons - you’re a good bunch
  2. You have the reasoning faculties of a mouldy flannel. It seems all the brown ale has turned your brain to mush. Please seek help x
  3. I hate them both Hermione. Tin pot clubs who never win anything unlike the mighty NUFC.
  4. I agree that Everton are abysmal but this thread is about the takeover fellow Toons.
  5. Personally I think they pulled the plug because they didn’t want to answer the questions regarding who ultimately would be in control. Suggests that the deal was shady in some respect. The economic uncertainty probably didn’t help. This, however, is baseless conjecture on my part. That being said it’s far more logical than some of the rubbish I’m reading. Some of our fans are only about a week away from declaring Richard Masters a reptilian who has taken human form and is in cahoots with Qatar and the Illuminati to stop NUFC from being taken over.
  6. The first thing to point out is there may be less to all this than meets the eye. Many of the world’s economies are bracing themselves for a deep and painful recession. The Covid-19 crisis has devastated Saudi Arabia’s oil revenues, driving a £22.3bn deficit in the second quarter of 2020. The International Monetary Fund estimates the economy could shrink by 6.8% this year. The country has already been forced to triple VAT and cut benefits. In this context, perhaps it has simply decided that ploughing untold fortunes into a huge, open-ended project with a worrying reliance on Jonjo Shelvey may
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