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  1. Robbie bloody Williams. His mass appeal is something i just can't understand. He only has two types of songs (both shite). Type 1, the smug "i'm great, look at me, love me!!!" sort, and type 2, the "poor me, my life is hard, feel sorry for me" ditties. They all sound the same, and they are all complete and utter shite. As is the man himself
  2. Own all of them except Wish You Were Here, and it is good to see Thin Lizzy in there. Live and Dangerous has got to be own of the best live albums ever made, imho.
  3. 17741[/snapback] They're not wrong like
  4. Dick Emre


    I shagged a German prostitute several years ago, and when i was leaving she shouted "What about my Marks?!". "10 out of 10", I replied.
  5. If someone like Woody (not the sharpest knife in the draw to be fair) can speak fluent Spanish in under a year, just how thick must David Beckham be?
  6. Of course, I can just imagine the reaction if this deal goes tits up. Maybe they should have kept quiet until Owen himself has said yay or nay, rather than his club saying a deal has been agreed......
  7. Good to see the loon hasn't calmed down in his twilight years
  8. Maybe the supposed deal is a one year loan with the option of buying afterwards?
  9. The Portsmouth-Villa match finished 1-1, and the Mackems lost to Citeh 2-1.
  10. More likely he shouts "Back of the Net", and I dread to think where the "Smell my cheese" line would come in
  11. Ah, the classic way of deflecting the (rightful) blame from oneself by questioning the motive behind said act. Excellent!
  12. As a player I would not sign for Souness, and as a manager i would not want to work under Shepherd (horrible image )
  13. I guess a lot of people are still away on their holidays and the like, but the amount of guys i know who have been going to games for donkeys years and are seriously thinking about jacking it in is worrying
  14. Nowt alledged about Stan the Mans involvement in said pastime, the dirty sod was caught bang to rights!
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