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  1. The shitest manager of the highest order. A fucking scumbag who wasted 50mil, took a shitload in wages and compensation, brought a load of fuckin numpty yes men here and put us back to where we were before Sir Bobby took over.
  2. Bad luck might go back further but plain simple shit football managemant started the day Souness and his band of idiots came to the club.
  3. Getting excited about HTT'S confidence that Souness will be away shortley. I think Burley would be better than Souness but still not what we wan't.
  4. I could see there was a problem (we were finishing 4th, 3rd & 5th), so get Souness in to sort it out and finish 14th , job done!
  5. Right, if there's one thing to agree on it's that we definatley do need a new manager.
  6. They were sold (in the first 3 instances) when Fergie brought adequate replacemants in. Stam was sold when Fergie thought ne had an adequate replacemant in Blanc. One of the biggest boozers of the lot (Robson) was kept until near retiremant because of his importance to the club. Bellamy was sold by Souness when there was no replacemant and when the buyer was in the driving seat because of the hatred and well publicised fall out of the two. That is total shit managemant.
  7. Lee Sharpe was on national radio recently saying that Ferguson begged him not to leave but Lee Sharpe had to leave for regular first team football. Eric Cantona is a "spikey" player who didn't conform to any rules, thats why he was sold by Howard Wilkinson. But Ferguson delt with Cantona as aspecial case (read fergusons biography), it's called man managemant, dealing with each individual on there own personality instead of saying "im the headmaster, play by my rulse or you or out, or i'll grab you by the throat and have a fight with you. Ferguson and Souness are in different leagues because o
  8. I thought it was a great result to get 3 points at Blackburn but for anybody to think Souness has now turned into a quality manager and is now going to play exciting attacking football and surging up the table is deluded. He should have allready been out on his arse for his record in the first 12 months of his managemant.
  9. Lost mine the season before last and the crack is you have to pay something daft like 20/25 quid a game for 3 matches and then if you still can't find it they send you a new one out with the money that you've paid minus administration costs. A total pain in the arse.
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