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  1. David Bellion, now playing in France. I always forget Davor Suker played for Arsenal and West Ham.
  2. You need Omegle then. 9 out of 10 connections are gentlemen doing this.
  3. Mad Max isn't it? Wasn't aware the first film had 2 names. The second one was called Mad Max II/Road Warrior I believe. Yes it was Mad Max and my bad it was mad max 2 that was released as the road warrior. Don't know the other quote I'm afraid, though I guess as I guessed right it's my turn to set one. "They all have husbands and wives and children and houses and dogs, and, you know, they've all made themselves a part of something and they can talk about what they do. What am I gonna say? "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?" " Oh, and bt
  4. Mad Max isn't it? Wasn't aware the first film had 2 names. The second one was called Mad Max II/Road Warrior I believe.
  5. The one with the most money and the biggest cock? Or they'd both spitroast her and film it for their footballing mates.
  6. Forgot to mention Fernando Redondo. Whether his refusal to cut his hair for Passarella are true or myth I don't know, but refusing to take a wage at AC Milan while injured makes me think how much differently I would feel about Owen if he had done that at this club. Plus Redondo was a hell of a player. None of this break up the play and pass the ball to somebody 2 yards away style DM stuff, Redondo was creative and destructive.
  7. Zvonimir Boban Luis Enrique Josep Guardiola
  8. Every week they seemed to sneak a 1-0, and every week Schemeichel had a blinder and Cantona scored. Was like watching your own death in slow motion. Aye, them two were unbelievable at the end of that season. Cantona had just come back from his long ban for twatting that fan at Crystal Palace as well. If you take the season as two halves of 19 (which that season took us to mid December) in the first half of the season we took 45 from 57 points available. Man Utd took 35 from 57 in that time. In the second half of the season we took 33 from 57, Man Utd took 47 from 57. Basic
  9. 08712659865 Digital Warranty services who phone on behalf of SKY to remind you that your warranty is about to expire. They do not actually have anything to do with sky but hope you dont question that. This company is basicly trying to sell insurance but without the correct license so they call it a warrenty. If your in your 1 year with sky, the box is under warrenty, if your out of the year contract you can call them and tell them your box is broken and they will replace it for you for free. YOU DONT NEED THIS SERVICE ON YOUR SKY BOX, sky would sooner replace the box than lose a
  10. Graham Dorrans was playing at Livingston when WBA signed him. I think he's a decent squad player for Premiership level. There are a few decent players in Scotland outside of Glasgow. Steven Fletcher only cost £3m from Hibs (iirc) and he's scored 7 in a poor team and looked fairly decent imo.
  11. Despite the fact that I love the original, I did persevere with all the US version. There were some good points to it, Harvey K not being one. But that ending!!!! The UK ending was great, but was always to morally ambiguous for the mainstream American audience. To show Sam potentially committing suicide would not work for them, so instead they decided the best thing was to take an almighty dump, film it and call it an ending.
  12. I had this exact discussion with a bloke in my office last Friday. He says "Grarse", but he is a Sunderland fan who lived most of his life in London. I explained it was "Grass", but he was having none of it, so I told him that as he was a cockney mackem, he was a cock and his opinion was irrelevant.
  13. I'm sure Villareal appreciate your heartfelt support.
  14. Jonny2J has a point. They were crap when paired together for England and you always got the feeling Al resented Owen. But now now he's shot himself in the foot by helping to force his legs (Bellamy) out of the club, he sees Owen as the man to do all his running to help him crawl his way to the goal record.
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