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  1. Trivia

    Boca Juniors??
  2. More shite from Jimmy Greaves

    Is the old cunt not dead yet.... heres hoping the shitfaced old allccy twat eats his last easter egg tomorrow, "its a funny old game"..fucking bellend licker.
  3. Taylor: I'll not be mucked about !

    QFT Absolute shocking timing..what a bell end, just what the club needs now Steven..
  4. Aye heard that as well. Some mackem called, obviously on the wind up pretending to be a NUFC supporter, calling Keegan "Clown of Tyneside" or some such shite. Durham, the ginga snot gobbler was lovin it. Quinny was poor as well, repeating all the shite the media want to stir...
  5. Worst ever NUFC team

    Mitchell really only play twice? Christ It felt like he was around longer than that! Maybe his legendary displays for the Teddy Bears and Chelsea are hazing me. As for Stewart, god he was awful -anyone can do the odd Dave Narey toe-poke! On an aside,Im always amazed at how many people seem to have an almost photographic memory on specific games, perhaps it was all the alcohol but most of my memories are hazy and specifics are very hard to recall. Ive even forgot seeing certain players or at best vaguely remember them. Steve Carney,Chris Hedworth,Ian Davies,Nigel Walker,Peter Johnson... vaguely recall all of em, couldnt recognise any of em in a police line up, none of em stand out enough through the lager haze for detailed memories though The truly awful ones stick out mind and think the worst ever was either Heard or maybe Mcdonald. Or Askew, or.....
  6. Worst ever NUFC team

    I stand corrected Sir! ......................A plastic Aussie then Still shite of the highest calibre of shite though!
  7. Classic memories

    Jesus that takes me back, thanks for posting it,fantastic really enjoyed that cheers!!
  8. Worst ever NUFC team

    For me worst team Ive seen play for us would include.. GK:Hardwick LB:Stimson...seems to be making decent start as manager mind CH:Serrant CH:Marcelino RB:Charvet MID:Heard..the epitome of shitness MID:Megson W:Fereday W:Stewart CF:Mcdonald..Ronald sorry Rob,not Malcolm CF:Mitchell..aussie sack of crap we had briefly, goddamn awful. Notable mentions also to, Ameobi..yes he is that bad!, Des Hamilton,Shitehurst,Pingel,Hooper,Maric,Mcdonough (sp),Roy Aitken...oh fuck it theres hundreds..
  9. Saturday's gossip

    Good player Robson, have seen a fair bit of him up here and along with Scott Brown defo worth a punt.
  10. Keegan receives blank cheque

    Brewster's Millions. FFS! John Candy has Ashley's good looks, and Pryor has the Keegan's hair.
  11. Hungarian Starlet Completes Toon Move

    Do you know if he's highly rated in Hungary? He is, but i think he's under the radar at the moment. The media doesn't cover the youth football here, so i didn't see him play at any level in the hungarian side, but to win a cap in the Under21 side as a 17 year old says a lot. I found it interesting he started playing football only 3 years ago (played handball until 14), because of that i think he must have massive potential. He said when he was in Newcastle for trial, the coaches was delighted at his aggressiveness, 'the coaches said they never saw a player from the continent at his age with this kind of aggression', according to his agent. Also, it's reported his fee with the clauses and add-ons could be as his as 2 million pounds, but it will stay disclosed as per request from the Toon. Interesting, cheers. seconded ..cheers for the info marra.
  12. NUFC v Stoke - FA Cup replay

    Delighted for him. The sky's the limit under Kev for the Zog. Yep could/should be very important for us....Hope he will defo stay now that his talents will be unleashed by KK.
  13. NUFC v Stoke - FA Cup replay

    Cacapa !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It's KEEGAN

    Another positive waahaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's KEEGAN

    Oh My Lord...Rollercoaster of emotions TBH!!!!!!!!! The return of The Messiah...can it work, can it??? Cant believe it...

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