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  1. Grew up 0.56 miles from SJP Currently live 19.74 miles from SJP
  2. actually, if you have even half a brain, then you will realise your first line proves my statement to be 100% correct. Nolan obviously knows something YOU can't grasp. £14.3 million quid over 5 years might have had something to do with it smeg for brains
  3. didnt nufc also sign David Rozenhal from PSG in summer 2007 ?
  4. Very good! took me 30 seconds of long hard staring then the penny dropped very good indeed
  5. cloning is the only way...... A team of 10 Chiek Tiotes and 1 Steve Hardwick would do them
  6. you can piss right off if you think im negotiating with their club presidente Lendoiro whatshisface again matey...
  7. I would have thought the post where I listed would have demonstrated that there's no point in the debate as its completely subjective to who you watch week in week out. If you want me to list the players I think are better than those players i'll happily do it, even though I know you'll disagree: Ben Arfa - only played a handful of games in the premier league, better: Arteta Osman Fellaini Baines Cahill Saha Tiote - One season in the premier league: Arteta Fellaini Baines Saha Mr Rimmer sir - is that you? That exactly the kind of logic i'd expect from
  8. how close? 1000mm, 6km, 1000km ? ignore me sir i'm being a total smeg head didnt Mr Pardew sir say that he was close to securing one of the current squad on a new contract rather than saying he was close to bagging anew player ? genuine question this one sir
  9. i couldnt help but notice that fat slob of a radio presenter "moose" from talksport claiming on twitter that Mr Andy sir is off to them Hotspurs. obese smeg for brains half wit
  10. I can verify it. He was at the ground at 6pm according to my sources. Not the leighton baines source i trust? He'd do a decent job. He's got that priceless commodity we lack - pace. Better option than larsson The next person who mentions Leighton Baines I'll find out where you live and fuckin post anthrax through your door. oh go on then Mr FBGOOOC Sir do enlighten me, i quite like a nice cup of anthrax in the morning. Keeps the circuit boards nice and clean. So whats the story with Leighton Baines and this "source" ?
  11. you complete and utter makem smeghead smell my fake plastic cheese !
  12. Eden Hazard...... or more likely one of Falkirks youth squad for 50 quid
  13. Are they having a laugh?! McNally is a sad little fat man with an axe to grind. Pretty sure he fell out with KK years back when he worked for the Sunday Sun. He's never got over it. he scribbles for the mirror whilst Caulkin scribes for the times...............i know who i would choose to read whilst i'm curling one out in Starbugs bog
  14. Visit My Website its not mine btw - Dave Lister wouldnt allow that sort of thing sir
  15. aye Redheugh give us a juicy tit bit that they havent got over there
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