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  1. He was at the center of 2/3 of the key blunders and missed tackles. He needs to shut up and get back to football. But he's a geordie
  2. Scott Carson has been more consistant, knee jerk to say the least.
  3. If Man U didn't win anything for 10 years they'd be lucky to break 40,000 IMO. If they dropped out of the top division I think they'd be lucky to get 10,000. In terms of TRUE SUPPORT, Man Utd are the only ones who have more than us, in this day and age they could go 10 years without winning the league and still get 65,000 in there IMO. You look at the dippers though, they came 5th and there was a few league gates 12.000 under capacity. TRUE SUPPORT, get a grip man. why has this turned into a cock measuring contest?
  4. still a pretty good episode though, mind-blowing.
  5. no its Windows XP. After looking inside it on board graphics, every time I try to install drivers Dos mode cuts-out and breaks. what should I do?
  6. After recently reinstalling windows, in device manager it says that my VGA driver is not installed, and when I run dxdiag it also says that the device is ?. My system is a medion (mt 175) and due to this I cannot change the resolution from 800x600, which is really pissing me off. How do I find drivers to combat this and stop the "out of frequency" warning coming up when i try to change resolution? cheers
  7. Always came across as a grade A cock. Good riddance to him, he'll be sacked within the year.
  8. newcastlebroon


    agreed. Not stop them jacking off over it on NO though. Diss it at your peril. Andy will rip you a new arsehole after he's finished fantasising about Hugo's. enjoyed the first series tbh. The following two have seen it go downhill, yet I live in hope that it will get back on track soon. Turd season starter though.
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