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  1. Ha... at least no one will want to buy him now.... the again I'm more concerned about Taylor going.
  2. At least this would show we have zero defence without the recognized centre halves.
  3. Who is playing in the centre of defence??? If we sell Taylor/Colo we are well of sh** creek.
  4. May as well have kept hold of Chopra. Earnshaw is old isnt he, whats the point in signing him, hopefully bull.
  5. Chopra looks a good player in the Champoinship... just goes to show the guld between the Prem and this Fizzy Pop. If we do manage to get up this year we will have to spend quite a bit to stay up, especially in the forward positions.
  6. I'd take this if we can hold on to our Taylor or any of the younger players. We have a thin squad, but the most cover is in the centre midfield position.
  7. Absolute madness if we sell Taylor.... no regonised centre half to come in and Colocinni also wanting off. For me, we build a new young team around Taylor... nailed on. If they sell him I think we can kiss promotion goodbye.
  8. Absolutely worthless unless the people providing it are competant Not at all convinced by this lot. It smacks of the Nathanial Nigerian bunch the last time around. Web site is all fur coat and no knickers if you ask me. A bunch of wanna-be's bigging themselves up. If I'm wrong, great!
  9. I WAS looking forward to it before the Fat Controller went hat-stand on us. I think we could have used the experience to get rid of the overpaid and over the hill players, signed young hungry players and promoted some from the reserves. I was hoping that this was going to be similar to the season we came up under KK. Now I have major doubts with theses spivs at the helm.
  10. Whenever I think of Johnny Anderson, I think of the time he played with his arm in a cast. Forearm smash on Mike Ashley? Ref, ref, he just slipped against my fore-arm! Arghh come on ref!
  11. Gan on Ando, lay a nut on the fat Cockney t&*T!
  12. A winger that cant cross to save his life..... only at Newcastle.... oh wait we have Duff too, a winger that cant cross to save his life.... amazing
  13. If we come out of this with no debt and rid of Ashley and Llambias it would be an excellent result. Sadly, the way things have been going I can't see it being this straightforward and expect the Fat Controller to pull one final stunt.
  14. Owen will do what's best for Owen and his England career. I think he'll go and it would be best for all concerned if he did imo. Thank god he won't be here next year. The worst signing we ever made, considering wages plus fee. The overall cost must be over 30 million. We could have bought 4/5 excellent players for that kind of money.
  15. Nope! Stoke is a god awful place but they did us a favour... now please, please, please let's not f it up!
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