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    more flamewars please
  1. Roeder stepping up chase for Bale

    It does and it's the only reason it's newsworthy -- doesn't happen very often around these parts.
  2. How many times have Newcastle United won a European Cup?

    What does Liverpool being a more successful club than us have to do with, well, anything? But to answer your question, it's the same number of times we've had a Yank owner. I'll leave it to you to figure that one out.
  3. Today's paper rumours

    Only the 5 best chairmen don't get involved.
  4. Glenn - I still want a striker

    Newcastle Pros: Pay a lot Nightlife Vertical stripes are slimming Newcastle Cons: Not London
  5. Paul Huntingtons celebration.....

    I keep having visions of the Brady Bunch whenever the camera zooms in. F*ckin hell, people laugh at Scottys 60's haircut
  6. Former England footballer jailed

    it's always the quiet one. (mr t. smiley not really applicable, I've just never seen it used)
  7. classic freddie shepherd quotes

    "He has said he will quit but, listen, I said I loved my wife when I left her this morning. Things change." -- Shepherd on Alan Shearer reversing his decision to retire.
  8. Liverpool Chelsea's main rivals.

    Not one of them but I'd have put a fair bit on them being up around there come Christmas time. 4th isn't bad but they're nowhere near Man U or Chelsea's class this year.
  9. Please make it stop

    Reckon that's why Charlie looks so pissed all the time, Glenn keeps calling him Celestine.
  10. What Bollocks

    Google image search first page results for "Referee" Imagine you're a sports loving male born and raised in the US within the last 40 years. The NFL and NBA dominate the airwaves for half the year. Referees in those games by and large wear thin black and white vertical stripes. This image is pretty much ingrained in you as "this is what referees look like." So some 30 odd years later somehow you end up as a writer and you're writing about terrible "jerseys" and you decided to look at all sports for inspiration and lo and behold there's one that looks just like the referees you're used to seeing. So you include it in the article. It may be a hard fact to swallow, and I'm sure many of you will snidely remark as to not caring anyway, but to most Americans, yes, the kit does look ridiculous. I've had people yell "IT'S GOOD!" at me and hold up both hands ala an NFL referee while out with the shirt on. I've had others compliment me on it or just plain ask what it's all about. In conclusion, at first glance the writer is a mong but if you actually think about it, finding the kit odd looking from an American perspective isn't completely out of the question.
  11. With hindsightTM was buying Owen a mistake?

    I agreed with it as with Owen we stood a better chance of finishing higher under Souness than without. I'm sure there will be hindsight Einsteins out there who claimed "some of us knew from the beginning that it was dangerous putting all our eggs in one basket" but I honestly think that, health notwithstanding, we'd have been worse off with 3 mediocre players under Souness than one Owen under Souness. However no one could have forseen this particular injury -- even those who enjoy harping on his "injury prone"-ness would be hard pressed to say this falls in that category. Owens troubles have all been muscle related and this has nothing to do with.
  12. .co.uk

    Not really, no.
  13. Silvestre

    That and their communication with Timmy Howard. Silvestre in particular looked almost delighted to put him under pressure with horrible back passes. He was only marginally more composed with Carroll in goal.
  14. Silvestre

    Pretty sure he fills in at LB not RB (unless you meant Wes). Wouldn't want him though. I rate him at Manchester but I don't think his heart would be in it here.
  15. Speaking of Souness contradictions...

    Wasn't the first one at an introductory press conference? I'd expect no different to be said from any manager coming into a job, just pr fluff really. The second of course being an objective and fair assessment after the fact

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