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  1. I dont post much at these boards but thought I'd comment on this. I like the idea, but think it might sound a little unrealistic. If it were to launch, will the stocks be registered on the "normal" stock market? If it does, and Im able to buy it in Denmark, I will deff pay 2,5k or maybe more from my pension. Should everything go tits up, and I end up loosing my money, then so be it. Of course Id like some guarantee that we get paid back if nothing happens but Im 26 and Im sure Ill do without 2,5k in 40 years time. What Im sayind is, if there is a chance we could get rid of the curren
  2. As a dane i would absolutely love this. Would of course raise NUFCs profile in Denmark and allow me to watch a lot more games. But other than that, he would get us playing very attacking and attractive football. He and his assistants, John "Faxe" Jensen (former Arsenal player) and one more i cant remember the name of, are looking for a job. But i dont know if he would like to work in England, he may be more suited to the southern european leagues.. But again, would love to get him as manager!
  3. So does .cock! http://www.nufc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsD...1378853,00.html
  4. That's why we haven't heard about him! He's been on a desert island!
  5. Gomis has just scored 2 goals in the first 7 minutes against Monaco, not bad.. Haven't seen them though..
  6. The other night i dreamt we won it 4-2, with Viduka (2), Smith and Martins the scorers.. So that will be the result Get your bets in!
  7. is it posible to get to see the whole match? it was on tv but i was away at the time.. id love to see kruls debut..!
  8. It's the full game torrent, still want it? 163295[/snapback] pm me please
  9. Nobby to Newcastle, Milner to Villa on a season long loan.. Says so on .cock!
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