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  1. It means we don't look desperate and if we do go after someone it will be done nice and quietly behind the scenes rather than played out in the press.
  2. Seemingly the OB have been in dispute with the club since the fixtures were announced. Police view is noon kick off (understandably), the new head of security at SJP is an ex Northumbria Police chief who is arguing that we can reduce the numbers of officers in the ground and therefore the police bill. He reckons Phoenix security can handle everything in the ground with police only involved outside (where the cost is not NUFCs). To back this up the club refused any change of time as that would be confirming the security fears and diluting the argument. It looks like this is a compromise tim
  3. Anything further on this? He's been out with a mysterious injury for quite a while now with little or no information about it being forthcoming.
  4. Simply not true. What's not true? Halfcaste's don't count. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2000/jan/07/race.world And Cliff Marshall was no 'halfcaste'. Also, well done on linking to an article where we come out as the fifth most racist club. He hardly counts, 7 games in the 70's. Their first proper signed black player was Earl Barrett, that's a fact and that's the nature of the club. Cliff Marshall I bet he was on the tip of your tongue..... So the 'halfcaste' who scored two goals for them in an FA Cup final doesn't count either? And I didn't claim t
  5. Aye that's him. And he was fucking nuts. Anyone who remembers him playing for us will remember his warm-up antics He was on a documentary practising his saves in bed. With his Mrs next to him reading her book He sat next to us at the 4 team tournament at SJP in 1992 involving Us, Boro, Sporting Lisbon and someone else who's name escapes me. His wife was with him then and spent the entire time reading a book then as well. He was wearing a hideous all in one army green cotton jumpsuit and spent the entire time criticising the Boro Goalkeeper, Hitchcock i think he was called.
  6. he conceded 3 against Huddersfield, 2 Against Peterborough and another 2 against Accrington Stanley
  7. because...? Because i'm sick of them moving our fixtures to try and make sure they're there to capture the moment, eg last monday night when if played on the saturday we would have had 50K in the ground. Same with Plymouth away, switched because they thought that was when we would secure promotion. I'd rather we did it at home, in a proper 3PM saturday kick off so that those loyal enough to support the team all season through the turnstiles can see it without Sky being there.
  8. Oh aye, and i'd rather we secured promotion at home to Blackpool next saturday so the Sky cameras aren't there.
  9. I was standing to the far left of the terrace (right if your looking from the pitch) and actually had loads of room and wasn't packed in at all, whereas as you say right behind the goal and to the right of the terracing on the tv footage looks chocka. You can see 2 of my mates up opn the fence when Sheedy scores as well.
  10. He's done that all season, usually mimicking the keeper or just wiggling his arse at the keeper. was one home game earlier in the season when the keeper got really wound up by it.
  11. Last game of the season 1987. We lost 2-1 and Gazza scored the consolation for us in the 2nd half. Pre match about 150 Newcastle (Gremlins who were back then the young uns) had got in the main stand seats and were escorted out and around the pitch by the police who tried to put them on the terracing behind the fences but the first 70 or 80 legged it into the seats in the new (at the time) stand which was also allocated to Newcastle and just squashed in. At full time the Newcastle in the seats invaded the pitch (being the last game of the season and that) and Nottingham Forest fans did
  12. The thing is Ellliot was what I call a "footballer" - the way he addressed the ball (using a golfing tem) for me showed he had talent beyond people simply making a living out of the game - see Scott Sellars for another example and also why I'd choose Peacock over Guttierez. Peacock played up front with Kelly for the vast majority of that season though, not wide.
  13. Be fucking gutted if we don't win the league now after being top for so long and being so far ahead at times as well. Be forever labelled bottle jobs just like 1996 again. We simply have to try and win every single game because i hinestly think WBA are on such a good run that they will win every game.
  14. I think Taylor is an under talented over confident cock so i'm assuming every word of it is true as well.
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