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  1. Have to agree with alex about Martins. Until he actually learns how to play the game he'll always be a player with pace who can score the occasional flash goal but never be a consistently good striker. We miss him now for sure but that's because the alternatives are a young kid or a donkey like ameobi. He's certainly not as good as people are making him out to be at this point in his carreer. I don't want to get rid of him though. I'd like to add Bent as he can hold the ball up, score goals, has pace and can play as a lone striker. Once he get's his confidence back and plays in a team t
  2. 9 minutes of football since september and he's ready for the premier league? Then he's either superman or adjusting to the pace of the game means SFA. We can sign a hundred players but if they are all third rate what's the point?
  3. Are we expected to get excited about a player who knocked us back for rangers? Now that he has run out of options he's happy to pick up more than a few quid from us. Just like the manager who signed him really. Surely there isn't much left on this fucking barrel for us to scrape off.
  4. Footsoldier


    No I think he'll err on the side of safety and look at the 60+ group to resestablish himself. Saying that, Khan has more chance of beating Barrera than Ricky Hatton has against Manny P. This could be a real mismatch.
  5. What about the two monitors Sam used to wedge himself behind? If they're clearing them out I could use one.
  6. n'zogbia is far too light weight for the centre of midfiled but emre is not much better. Play him in his position wide left as he's rubbish at LB and flog emre in the summer.
  7. Viduka is a carthorse who is only getting slower as he ages. We need a forward who can not only hold the ball but also has pace. I'd like to see off Martins and Viduka and get Darren Bent in the summer. That's just for starters but would be a huge improvement up front.
  8. And stiles was an inside forward, I suppose?
  9. I was under the impression Duncan Edwards was a midfield player. More likely the that skinny git stiles would have been out of the team rather than Moore.
  10. Pity Bobby Charlton hadn't gone down with the plane instead of Duncan Edwards. I hate that whinging twat.
  11. Fucking disgrace IMO. Adebayor pins the nut on Bendtner very clearly in front of the entire country and gets away with it. Bowyer and Dyer scuffle and both get sent off and the police claim that they'll look at the incident. Where are the police now? Is wenger going to suspend adebayor? Bollocks really but just shows the bias not only in favour of arse but also the players involved.
  12. As you clearly know nothing about football there's not much point, is there?
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