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  1. never mind his dodgy popping, he is scoring some class goals for england. his third yesterday and against hungary were absolutely top drawer. Crouchy for the golden boot!
  2. who else voted for a sniper's nest on eviction night?
  3. "China to win 2030 World Cup with unbeatable keeper."
  4. Many thanks for all your 'I'm brilliant at interviews' responses. Have decided to retrain into a guaranteed job, fuck it.
  5. Any other quotes from Withnail & I used during the interview ? 143459[/snapback] I tried to get 'are you the farmer?' into the conversation but failed. Maybe calling the interviewer a perfumed ponce was a mistake.... and ty Toplass, every interview is one step closer to a life of slavery, erm, I mean dream job.
  6. Aren't they MACKEMS? Do you get a free chip for your shoulder with every cd? avoid, tbh.
  7. Cheers mate, I didn't really want to work in Sunderland anyway.
  8. Went well then? 143436[/snapback] If by well you mean I knew long before I was escorted from the building they were not going to be providing my future beer vouchers. then yes it went extremely well. Oh well looks like I'll be watching every world cup match possible.......always look at the bright side etc etc. cnuts.
  9. You can stick them up your arse for nothing, and fuck off while you're doing it.
  10. Sky Sports reporting he's now favourite to manage boro after talks yesterday. Why didn't/couldn't we get him if he's going there? FFS perhaps? personalities? wages? why?
  11. I think the scorer was right to do what he did, what I was asking is did the ref make a blunder in allowing the goal/not stopping play due to injury?
  12. Obviously the keeper had injured himself or he would have got up straight away to defend the goal from his miskick. Refs are constantly stopping the game when players go down injured away from the ball and lie on the ground for long enough for it to look serious. It looked serious and because of the circumstances the ref didn't have time to see how long the keeper was going to lie there before he made the call. Surely the keeper is the one player when you really should stop the game due to injury as his inability to play - even for a few seconds - can have a massive impact on the game
  13. Bollocks, I've already booked my hols this year.....hope I can get on teletext and set this up for next year. Dream vacation for the lad.
  14. I thought I told you to be funny with your first post. 140410[/snapback] Shit topic tbh Rooney will go with the squad but it doesnt matter as we have Owen and Craig David (snotty-nosed gay looking teenager from Southampton). 140444[/snapback] look forward to seeing Kes sticking them in for us then.
  15. Who gives a flying fuck about Roeder's views on Take That as human beings? Is he planning on signing them?! Fucking ridiculous waste of time and opportunity. That's it, I'm sticking big brother back on.
  16. not sleeping, more sort of drunk, or tripping....
  17. What a fucking F R E A K S H O W! I predict a riot.
  18. can't get any of these to work... would love to watch them. any chance?
  19. I think a statue now's a bit rapid like, but having said that people could stagger out of his bar and puke on his boots while Shearer celebrated. It could become a part of any toon pubcrawl. www.pukeonAlsboots.vom
  20. Parker - an obvious world cup player, and just the attitude we demand. Ramage - looking better every game Shola - not bad out wide, if he remembers to stay there the supporters we're absolutley awesome, possibly due to a late saturday kick off a couple of weeks before xmas.....hic.
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