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  1. Luque was a good player at the top level until he tore his hamstring against Man United (in the process of bamboozling Rio Ferdinand). After that, he was essentially playing with one and a half legs, and a severe lack of confidence. He wasn't mentally strong enough to recover from that setback.
  2. Cabaye's performance levels were not consistently high during his time with us. I think a lot of people will agree that the squad as a whole has performed badly, this year in particular. Why? I would suggest that this is largely down to Pardew, who has instilled a culture of mediocrity in the squad. There are certain things fans should be able to expect, regardless of players being bought and sold: for the team to be well organised; for them to work hard and compete in every game. This is down to the manager. Pardew fails to deliver the very basics. Pulis delivered, with a squad of lesser abi
  3. A handful of good signings? That isn't a given. There's a bit of a stink around the club now, as Pardew and Mike linger on--it can't be the most appetising prospect for good players.
  4. It would be completely nonsensical to sign Gomis on £100k a week when we could sign Andy Delort on a contract worth about £25k a week. He is a player in the mould of Cristiano Ronaldo, if he was Ligue 2 standard. 18 goals in 14 games this season. Gomis is a slightly more mobile Ameobi-type, but he lacks Shola's Geordie passion.
  5. I think, given the abysmal form of the team during the course of this year, the next step is avoiding relegation next season, init bruv.
  6. League position is decided by the respective teams' head-to-head record if they finish on the same points in La Liga.
  7. I thought I should spend more time focusing on real life stuff, such as getting paid and getting laid. In doing so, I ended up spending much less time on the internet, hence my absence. Unfortunately, Pardew has ignited a fire within me, and I cannot rest easily until I have typed out criticism of him on the internet.
  8. Yes, that's me. I was becoming severely irritated by the lack of criticism of Pardew in the media, so I thought I would log back on here and type some bad things about him.
  9. Louis Theroux did programmes with Savile and Clifford, needless to say they both came across as creeps.
  10. "In 2004 they were getting 35,000 regularly because they were only 5th" CT reliably informs me that this was the result of a successful walkout protest.
  11. How do you account for Pardew's mismanagement of our star players? Shane Ferguson's career is now in terminal decline.
  12. There's a few things we can reasonably expect of a manager: that he's able to motivate the team to compete, and prevent a slide into relegation form; and also, that he doesn't disgrace himself and the team in public, whether it be through headbutts, lies to the fans, or his single-minded destruction of the English language. Pardew fails on all counts. You'd struggle to think of a worse leader and spokesperson for the club, if it weren't for the existence of Joe Kinnear. In his press conferences he frequently writes games off, and his defeatism has found its way onto the pitch, as we've seen in
  13. The walkout can be considered a success by the following measures: 1. It actually happened, and a significant number of fans participated. 2. It attracted some media attention. Now the screw is turning, there are more journalists taking a less sympathetic line towards Pardew's failings, and the anti-Pard factions will be encouraged by the knowledge that many fans will take an active part in protests. The scale of protests is likely to grow, should they continue. I think CT hides the fact that he is too obese to take part in a protest that involves walking by maintaining that Pa
  14. well we'll see about that. It's time for HTT to go tbh, he has made too many errors and we'll never progress with him at the helm. To sum it up, he's a fucking retard
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