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  1. Reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns runs over Bart. After Marge fucks things up in court, Mr. Burns' writes down his offer for compensation and slides it across to Homer and Lionel Hutz. It's a piece of paper with a big "0" on it and Hutz says "I think we should take it". That's sort of how I feel regarding Milner.
  2. Surely he'll be bought to play the Viduka role though? Unless we plan to change to a straight 4-4-2 again for next year, which would be disappointing quite frankly. Aside from the fact that our wingers aren't up to much at all, I just think the system is limited in today's game.
  3. Where's this article from? Admittedly only seen him in highlight shows and such, but he does look like the type of player we should be after to play up front alongside Martins and Owen. Be exciting if we could get him signed. I thought the asking price was much higher than £10m though, looks like our plan is to low-ball the piss out of everyone (like we seem to have done with Turan) until someone accepts?
  4. He'll give them a lot more than Zambrotta going down that side, Zambrotta's past his best. Alves overlapping Messi on that side could be very useful for them. Still think Barca need someone other than Etoo' up front for next season. With all the small, nifty little players they have going forward, a focal point for them lot to play off would make that team immense again.
  5. It's all greek to me I have to admit, so I wouldn't know. I had one of the better teachers in my country for 2 years and still barely managed a pass in lower level maths.
  6. Have to feel for their fans as has been said. I've been following them with a passing interest for a couple of years since they absolutely annihilated everyone in their division a couple of years ago, I think they had 3 of the top 4 scorers in the division. Sad stuff.
  7. I was expecting more than the £2-3m that seems to be getting bandied about in most places, if only for the fact that Emre still seems to be highly thought of in Turkey. Still, no chance of getting £8m surely?
  8. Brilliant nose for goals Inzaghi, a really top-class goalhanger. I can see why people would say he's overrated because I reckon he's the type that if you put him in a struggling midtable team then he'd offer you fuck all. Though he did have a great season at Atalanta before going to Juve so I don't know. Moot point all the same though because the top clubs will always have a use for someone like Inzaghi, a guy who pretty much gaurantees goals. Can name lots of strikers I'd take ahead of him though.
  9. Man U fans are incredibly bitter generally. The very thought of any other team winning anything seems to sicken them to their very stomach. The Champions League final a couple of years ago was a fine example. I didn't think anyone would really be able to begrudge Wenger a win for all he's done, but not their lot. Something embedded in their psyche, I reckon.
  10. It'll be an "experienced" (old, past-it) guy for a year or two to back up Harper until Krul is ready to step up, or maybe that other youngster we signed. Doubt Given will leave anyway. He's missed the boat in terms of a big move, not much of a step up available for him out there anymore.
  11. Did well when we didn't have the ball, but he has woeful delivery. Still, he alongside Butt and Barton managed to keep Birmingham pretty quiet as an attacking force, pretty much everything positive they did in the game was as a result of McFadden making things happen on his own. So they must be commended for that. Still, I'd drop Geremi for N'Zogbia against Fulham and keep it much the same otherwise.
  12. I think you're missing the point there. Nah, I was taking the piss actually. Though not very well, it would seem.
  13. Very lucky to escape that. Hopefully they hunted it down and imprisoned it again.
  14. God, that is depressing. Great video though, well put together.
  15. Sadly I've already made another post in the Football section (though admittedly not a very good or worthwhile one) , so I feel somewhat commited to the place now. Apologies.
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