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  1. Park would be the first name on the teamsheet for most teams in the Prem IMO I would be delighted if he was to turn up with his boots at St James' asking for a game
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    Use oddschecker.com to tell you where has the best odds I prefer to go in the shops as I am old fashioned and like to be able to see my winnings
  3. If it was Man utd against Spurs at Old trafford TV Gantry: Lee Harvey Oswald Pitch side: Mark Chapman In the studio: Random suicide bombers
  4. Attain goes to Haberdashers school btw. Its a very posh school for jewish kids in north london. Hmmm Haberdashers? It sounds like a pre-school nursery
  5. My ITK said that KK attacked JFK then took him to the A+E ASAP but he was DOA so he went to MFI on the QT and made a box out MDF and hid the body at a YMCA
  6. Really? do expand. I might be wrong but there seems to be more uniform guidelines about what should constitute a red card or a booking and all the decisions made are increasingly coming under more and more scrutiny. I've never actually heard it suggested before that refs have more discretion to employ commonsense or whatever you want to call it than used to be the case. What did you have in mind? The perfect system for refereeing would encapsulate consistency and common sense Unfortunately this will never happen as these 2 basic requirements often conflict with each other
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    Blackburn, Burnley, Stoke and Sunderland on my acc tonight
  8. I would Its still not too late for Ashley to come good. The first step would be to appoint a new chairman with a remit to improve communication with the fans and media Also adding some sort of stability to the club buy either hiring a new competent manager or giving Chris a new contract would go a long way to building bridges with the fans Making a public pledge to invest in the playing staff in Jan wouldn't be a bad move either as long as he makes good on it I should point out that I am not an Ashley apologist but just pointing out that it's still not too late Just very, ver
  9. I agree with snakehips on this It was a fairly dispicable thing to do but he was it on par with this? http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/JUST-VILE.1333459.jp
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    My top tips for the weekend are Stoke and Birmingham - Double 11/1 @ Coral Sheff Utd, Peterborough and Bristol City - 3 Doubles and 1 Treble Fingers crossed They are all odds against apsrt from Bristol City so small stakes for me
  11. It won't happen due to contractual obligations but it would have been a marvellous gesture if both teams had the Bobby Robson Foundation as the main sponsor on the shirts for this match
  12. Don't mean to cast doubt on anyone but why would Mike Ashley reveal his inner most thoughts to Michael Bridges?
  13. Redheugh is not a person, it is a movement, a cult, a being of higher understanding ............ Your probably right ofcourse, but it is funny watching that thread on n/o and seeing people keep typing "any news redheugh.....Redheugh, are you there......" Its like a seance. The first rule of Redheugh is you don't talk about Redheugh. The second rule of Redheugh is you don't try to cross Redheugh in high winds
  14. To be honest the only edition of Match of the Day I will be watching next season will be the one just after Michael owen breaks his leg/snaps his cruiciate
  15. mine arrived yesterday I ordered full price for me and 2 £5 for my daughters when I checked they are all £10
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