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  1. Same here. Just believe that characters like him should be part of the business. He couldn't work for a big PL club though.
  2. Btw, does that mean 7th won't qualify for Europe?
  3. They may have more of the ball, but we've had the better chances so far and not been troubled really.
  4. Steve Coppell has been mentionned in the past, but I thought he quit football after his resignation at Bristol (?)
  5. We shouldn't be talking about relegation after 16 games. Our form is worrying, but the likes of Wolves/Wigan/West Ham are even worse than us, while a return of Ben Arfa could inspire us for the last third of the season. If everyone keeps talking about 17th, we shouldn't be questioning everything and everybody after an abysmal game, because we wll be in a dogfight until the last two or three games.
  6. Our goal difference advantage is fucked up now as well. Oh, before I forget it, this Super Sunday will get even better with Sunderland v West Ham coming up... Don't miss it!
  7. 5 winless now and next up Liverpool (H) and Birmingham (A). If we want to get anything out of those two (which we have to), we need a midfield of Guti - Nolan - Tiote - Barton and Carroll/Ranger up front. Really under pressure now, will be interesting to see how we handle that on Saturday.
  8. Our squad is so strong, we are able to replace a shite midfielder (Guthrie) with the same type of shite player (Smith).
  9. It's not as if one or two players player could turn this game around on their own, but I'm desperate for Barton to play on the right wing against Liverpool and - I have to say it - Nolan for Guthrie.
  10. Never. Still is some sort of a god in the eyes of the Cologne supporters as far as I know. He wouldn't get away with such poor performamces on a regular basis over here. Still believe he's one of the brightest German talents in recent years, just one of those who didn't make the final step at a top club for whatever reason. Has got the ability of a Oezil/Muller imho
  11. I think Ricky will stay...Jonas looks more like a shipjumper to me (this time round). You never know - nobody did expect Shay's departure in '09. As I've said, I'm confident as far as surivival is concerned, my biggest worry is the transfer window though.
  12. Get Peter Reid in as manager, he does like that sort of challenges...
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