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  1. AO has no fans, I have yet to see a fan stick up for this pile of crap. Alot of fans don't like Souness or Fatboy yet you will get some (like me) who supported them at times, but you just don't get it with Oliver. He really pissed me off on Sky Sports the other day. Surely he knows how much he is hated around the city. Don't you guys throw eggs and stuff at him. That would be funny. I would love it for Shearer or Given to ruin him in a press conference or something like that.
  2. Maybe if freddy threatens to sit on him he will sign.
  3. He pissed me off when he was on Sky Sports yesterday morning. "Oh Alex I was just on the other line with Freddie" " I spoke with Al last night" does this guy realise how much a tosser he is. Why do sky sports talk to him as if he is a fans hero. Is that unnamed player, Brett Emerton ay Alan?
  4. I suppose Nigel Worthington would be an option. I don't like the idea of Chris Coleman. Orginally I thought he did a very good job but has faultered since. He is very emotional and I am not sure how he would handle the pressure of such a big job just yet.
  5. The CLUB HAS NO STRIKERS. We can speculate all we like about the whys and the wherefores. All I'm saying is that in 10 games time, with a fair wind, and a couple of strikers, we could be back on track. I don't see what moaning about it all here at this time of the season contributes to sorting out the problem. You want him out now. I don't. Heyho matey 17961[/snapback] Everton had Marcus Bent last season, a team man for man not as good as ours yet they finsihed 10 places higher than us in the league, that says alot about us. As SLP said we have some excellent players but they are not producing, who do you blame?
  6. That I agree with. If not long after selling these two we signed Anelka and Luque for example I think we would have been in a better state than with them. It is an absolute joke that with them our squad was too small yet we still haven't signed anybody.
  7. I have been one of the few that have supported Souness. When he was announced as boss I was gutted but thought so far every manager we have has been hailed as the one to bring sucess but ultimately failed, I then thought Souness may just be the man to turn the tide into winning trophies. I think he has had a lot to deal with being the boss of Newcastle but there is no doubt he has made many mistakes. Bringing players in I do not blame him but Shepherd, Souness however is paid to motivate and train the players into a winning team, he is doing none of this. The players look so low on confidence at the moment they need a massive pick me up. Owen will help that, he will help our situation but he will not solve all our problems. The club is becoming a circus and it is no fun being a fan at the moment. Results are poor and our prospects are even worse. I am no fan of sacking managers a few games in, I just fail to see how Souness will be able to get us out of this mess. He better find a solution fast, if we get stuffed at Man U then I doubt he will manage us after that. And seeing as it is an international break Freddie Fat Boy will see it as a perfect chance to look for "the best Bruce for the job", did I say Bruce I meant man for the job. The clubs a laughing stock and fans are very disappointed, nobody wants the team to lose they are asking the question is that what its going to take????
  8. I am normally upbeat about things but at the moment I am broken. I have no confidence in the whole club. What must Emre and Parker be thinking? Surely it is time for Shearer and Given to come out all guns blazing and making things happen, Shearer has power surely he can see the badness at the club. Is he in a position to do anything?
  9. To be honest I can see people having reservations about the cost to us. Over 15 million is alot especially considering that Madrid paid 8 million for him only a year ago. Don't get me wrong I will be delighted if he signed for us in any capacity, hopefully in a permenant deal. Some people are suggesting we could have bough 3 or 4 players with the Owen money, but very rare do you get a chance to sign genuwine world class players. If you remember when the Rooney bids came about some people were moaning we don't need him we have Shearer, Bellamy, Kluivert and Ameobi even so I supported the bid, you cannot turn down a chance to sign players of that calibre. Owen now looks a realistic oppourtunity so we should go all out to get him, okay it is a lot of money, so was Shearer and look at how successful he has been for us. We need a talisman and a hero and Owen fits that category. People will soon forget how much he cost us if he hits 15 goals or more by Christmas.
  10. The words "Newcastle United" "Police" Players" will appear towards the front pages of the News of the World in the same paragraph!!
  11. Thats because he only played 1/2 a season... Anyway, I think he would be a quality signing, got a feeling we would have to pay over the odds for the guy. Young, English, No particular hurry to move and Norwich in no hurry to sell.
  12. Meaningless friendlies. Fucking meaningless, not to us now, 6 weeks out for our best play. Its a joke. I notice Bellamy got hurt training for Wales and could be out for a few weeks. Where have I heard that one before. And Hughes has a problems with the FAW over it, seems that he has a short term memory lapse.
  13. The article is poor. There are no quotes at all. And I doubt Owen would say something like that even if it were true.
  14. I'd be very happy with that. It means that the deal would be pretty much risk free. To be honest I would be happy to go half and half with Inter.
  15. This guy is a complete tool. A journalist being polite, don't make me laugh. I hope more and more players refuse to talk to the Chronicle. Surely the club can see this guy is a nobody. Is there anyone who actually likes Oliver???
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