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  1. "piss taking attention seeker who puts his own agenda above that of the team or squad"?


    That's total bollocks like. He loves seeing his photo about the place, but the bloke is a model pro. He's one of very few in the modern era who seemed genuinely proud to play for his country too.


    Its partially bollocks yeah, his attitude was great, but for me it was a means to an end. His life is about self promotion. I think a lot of the hoopla you get with him eg private security,chef etc was indulged by Erikkson and McLaren but Pearce is a different character to them, no bullshit, all in together etc and he just didnt want the bullshit sideshow that Beckham brings.

  2. Can I say there's a larger that usual amount with strange backward views then? You're right you can't class an entire group of people as ALL being cunts, but there are major differences between people from different areas. I think we have a classic one here, you can't say all mackems are twats, but many would agree there are major differences between us and them.


    You can say what you want mate really, but sometimes it goes beyond good crack, and am sure theres huge amounts of sweaties who are the same. Do you not think people who are cunts in general (theres loads of them, I agree) are just that ; cunts? For me theres little to do with where youre from, if you're like that you're like that. Last season some of the mackems that I work with changed their attitude to me completley when the fixture list was announced and we were at their place 2nd game in. Bitter as fuck when we won as wll, some didnt as much as look in my direction for months, some still dont. But most of them took it on the chin and are great lads. Good and bad everywhere.

  3. Well you miss all of my points by a mile though, seeing as though I've mentioned different attitudes in different parts of Scotland on the whole. The very fact I point this out is the complete opposite of saying "they're all the same" :lol:


    You cant say "everyone north of Stirling is an outrageously biggoted English hater", that is, whatever you want to say, demonising a whole area of the UK. Theyres some funny fuckers up there, granted. But there are everywhere.

  4. I don't take offence to the Scots hating the English I just look down my nose at them for doing so, such is the backward nature of who they are. By the way I've been going to Scotland 25 years. Best people in Scotland by a distance are in Glasgow imo. I'm not surprised you were bullied, because of the inherent anti-English sentiment, although north of the Central Belt it beggars belief.


    You miss the point by a fuckin mile though.....its Scottish people with your attitude in Scotland who hate the English. And its English people with your attitude in England who hate the Scots. Its a self perpetuating thing, thinking "oh theyre all the same those fuckers" when the inverse is often the case; people are all the same because most people are ordinary and can get along with anyone. You just cant demonise a whole area of the UK, its ludicrous :lol:

  5. "replace the word Scottish with black" :lol:


    I was eduacted in Scotland and can agree with topcat from experience. I was bullied to fuck in the early 80s as I spoke with an Englsih accent, but thats life. It happened and you get on with it. There are some ridiculous attitudes displayed on both sides (see this thread :lol:) even in the tiny village where I was brought up, theres always some arsehole with a chip on his shoulder who wants to judge people as a whole and not as individuals.


    I got a right kicking when I was younger after a Newcastle match in the Leazes Park from Newcastle fans, I got caught in the cross fire of a fall out between our mob and the Hib's CCS mob (think there had previously been some link up?) they heard my and mates' accents and thought we Hibs. Thing is, even in my late teens at the time, I didnt judge all Geordies to be fuckin cunts because of it. I met one of our mob a while later and was told they felt bad when they found out I'd been going for the best part of a dcade even back then, and 18 monts later I ran into them again and we shook hands, no dramas.


    If people take offence at the Scots "hating" the English then they need to have a word with themselves. For most north of the border, its the biggest crack going. For a minority its a sad attitiude that spreads to other parts of their lives. Best ignored, although that for some seems difficult.

  6. so beckham should still be playing for england?


    No, but under the selection criteria (Pearce isnt allowed to pick any players who appeared at the Euros, regardless of age) I wouldve thought he would be a useful player to have on the bench. He's good enough when you discount the whole England squad if you see what I mean. I agree with not taking him, hes a piss taking attention seeker who puts his own agenda over and above anything that may be good for the squad in general, but he's good enough to be picked for it on ability. If Bellamy and Giggs playing is a consolation prize for being Welsh, then the same can't be said for Richards, who has nationality and time on his side, and thats why if you're going to be consistant then Hughes captained N.I. for a decade and shouldve got a squad place iyam.

  7. Good for Giggs and Bellamy,never appeared on the world stage before, but Beckham can fuck off. He's had his oppurtunities in front of a worldwide audience of millions at least 4 times. But Pearce can't justify Richards in the same way, and didn't he used to manage Man City when Richards was a nipper?......I'd have given his slot to Aaron Hughes.

  8. Just a some info to clarify that bit for you PL.


    The big tax case is “proven” HMRC have levied the bill (and penalties) the case is Old Rangers appeal against the amount of the bill, the debt is on their books (and was in the CVA paperwork). That said, even if the tribunal finds the bill should be zero (expunged) the football issue remains.


    An EBT is legal as it’s a loan – which has an expectation of being repaid (at some indeterminate point in the future). Some (it appears most) of the beneficiaries of EBT’s had side letters which stated the EBT would never have to be paid back. The football rules state that all payments to players must be disclosed and lodged with the authority.


    Rangers accounts submitted to the authorities would have showed payments to an offshore trust, likely as a bulk amount, (the trust is what paid the EBT’s) and player contracts at say £10k a week. The players however had a side letter from the club that basically said you don’t need to pay that back because that tops up your wage to £15K a week.


    Taxman says that additional £5K is taxable (hence Big Tax Case) in football terms irrespective of whether it’s found to be taxable or not, it’s a side contract and an undisclosed/illegal payment to a player.


    The Rangers fans I speak to here at work tell me that the BTC is/was under appeal.....what status that has now the club dosnt exist I don't know.

  9. Brazil won the WC in 94 yes. Not sure what your point is? The hand of God incident occurred in the 86 world cup, which Argentina won.


    Sorry I thought you were on about when Maradonna got busted for drugs. And I agree with Stevie,cheating in the heat of the moment during a match is on a different planet to what Rangers have done.

  10. I'd agree with Leazes when he indicates that the supporters will still have seen the club win numerous trophies regardless of whether they're taken away.


    Maradonna infamously cheated on the route to the World Cup - should Argentina be stripped of that title?


    Juve fans still consider the Scudetto that was stripped of their club to still count, and I'd imagine the Inter fans wouldn't necessarily count it as a significant title win either as they didn't top the league.


    You can take away the history but it still happened. No-one saw any cheating at the time, it's only later that it's come to light. How many Newcastle fans would honestly discount a trophy if we won it with ineligible players/double contracted players etc etc?


    Me for one, and the wider football public in general. And theyd be right. How the majority of the supporters of the cheaating club feel is irrelevent, its what the facts are that count. They can tell themselves lies to justify it, it wont change a thing.


    And Brazil won the WC in 94, not Argentina.

  11. Without discussing the ins and outs of the possibility of them losing league titles and cups due to illegalities, is a football club simply a legal entity? A football club is about the fans, the ground, the badge, the sense of togetherness with your fellow supporter etc. That's not going away.


    Stating that they'll be a brand new club is a perfectly valid and correct view from a technical standpoint but to myself and many others they'll still be Rangers FC, even if they have to change their name very slightly, they'll still be the same club with the same history imo.


    Yeah but thats the point....if theyre found to have been cheating for the last quarter of a century in gaining that "history" then there is no history. Liquidation is the least of their worries iyam. Having everything erased from the history books that a club had acheived because they cheated would fuckin kill me as a supporter. Dont know how the Rangers fans would feel, most will have different opinions I suppose. I said this the other day; in sport, if you win something by cheating and its proven, then you're not longer the winners. If this "The Big Tax Case" is not proven against them, then what you're saying id pretty much the case. If the double contracts are found to be illegal then the only Rangers FC that a huge percentage of their fan base will have known (anyone under 35-40 say?) will be deemed to have not exisited. Thats a hard pill to swallow if you've spent you're life following any team.

  12. Annoys me when idiots like Guillem Bageuele (sp?) says anyone who thinks Spain are boring are just jealous. No dick head, not jealous in the slightest just want to watch a good football match, not death by 1000 passes. I'm all for 'carpet football' but it's like they actually don't want to score


    The thing is, is a "good football match" two shite defences and it ending 4-3, or is it Italy not giving England a kick the other night and it ending nowts each? Last night was a different sort of nil nil, and it was pretty dull to be fair. But it was widely predicted that Spain weren't going to be what they were before a ball was kicked this month. Thats proven to be the case, but again the opponenents aren't being given any credit. Italy did that rare thing and actually scored against them. It looks like the absence of Villa and the midfield not being what it was has allowed sides to stop them from scoring as freely as in the last two tournaments. If that makes them less attractive fair enough, but theyre still unbleiveably hard to break down, which again isnt easy on the eye but is certainly good football.

  13. Spain miss David Villa as much as Barca do.....and Xavi is knocking on a bit now, which I think affects the team just as much. He used to be able to skip past a pressing player and still get a pass away to continue a move, but now he's lost that ability a bit. A lot of the play goes through Alonso now and he's less attacking by nature then Xavi. Playing Busquets alongside Alonso is having an effect as well, Marcos Senna did their job on his own 4 years ago.

  14. They werent particularly ticy tacka tonight, they played some nice stuff at times, especially in extra time.


    "OMG Spain are boring" is the latest fashionable bullshit for sheep to spout.


    I think this is partially right....and the twats on the bbc lead the way in seeing the game in strictly "great/shite" terms. It was hardly a classic, but Spain were too heavily criticised and not enough credit was given to how Portugal played. Hansen,Shearer and Linekar are like fuckin cheerleading fan boys half the time, and theyve all played at the highest level. Lee Dixon talks the most sense, a lone voice of sanity. But even he didnt point out that Portugal were out on their feet in ET and gave Spain a lot more space, rather than Spain suddenly upping their game being the only factor in their improved performance.

  15. Negredo starts for Spain tonight....I take it he's good, but how good?....relaible?...does he need 3 chances to score 1 usually?....



    Portgual: Patrício; Pereira, Alves, Pepe, Coentrão; Veloso, Moutinho, Meireles; Nani, Ronaldo, Almeida.



    Spain: Casillas; Arbeloa, Pique, Ramos, Alba; Alonso. Busquets. Xavi; Silva, Negredo, Iniesta

  16. If this happened in England to a PL club then I assume that they wouldn't just be able to jump into League 2 and would have to actually start right at the bottom as MK Dons did?


    No, MK Dons took Wimbledon FC's place in used to be divi 3.....AFC Wimbledon was formed by fans of WFC and they had to start at the bottom. Fuckin cheek, and the AFC fans must feel a massive sense of pride now theyre back in the football league. Their club in their town.


    If a club gets liquidated thats it, over. Most come back starting at the bottom as you say, Accrington Stanley and Aldershot did, Third Lanark and Maidstone Utd didnt.

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