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  1. Could go to any school round Newcastle and see a paki get laced for nowt.
  2. Probably easier to name the places in Heaton that aren't.
  3. He does alod of that underground poker stuff with a few others, i'm guessing alot of the other players could be quite nasty.
  4. what is it? its asking for log in info????? Some 50 year old bloke sitting in the stand with a cut out whole in his trousers and his cock just hanging out on the seat before the game. Two young lads come and sit next to him and then it ends as they start talking to him. Terrible if there were bairns and taht about like.
  5. Not sure if it's been posted but wtf ??? http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=...6972&ref=nf
  6. thanks for that mate, I realised I was going to have to go somewhere I don't like I will ask what kind of thing my friends like and then choose from the sheeeeet. Are the girls not dirty and have no morales everywhere in Newcastle, or are you saying in Mood there just dirtier? Nah there definately dirtier in mood, the vip section gets mental. It's like being in Ibiza drinking through funnels and everyone ending up getting soaked with there tops off. I've never been when all the other students are away though, so i'm not sure what it's like at the moment. The music is awful mind. Delug
  7. Not the best nights to go out in Newcastle mind. Cosmic ballroom on a tuesday. Everywhere else is really shit. Wednesday. Most peopel seem to go to Mood or Bambu. None are great for what your after. Mood is the better of the two, mainly due to the fact the girls there are incredibly dirty and have very little or no morals.
  8. mau5trap

    Drug abuse

    Exactly what a tosser. I get loads of people following me round the internet though, mainly scousers who I've upset in the past. You really are an embarassing pathetic arsehole. Got any other stories you think might impress the boys on the internet ?
  9. mau5trap

    Drug abuse

    Wish i was as cool as you mate.
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