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  1. F'narrrrr He was a bit of a tosser wasn't he. I would have given him a bitch slap, told him to get his coat and jog on!
  2. good doG yes, then we'd be in trouble
  3. I bought it for my boyfriend for christmas, he's pissed off as he can't get past easy and I've completed medium mwhahahaha
  4. Oi no! Hands off Dunney. I'm hoping that KK doesn't want him and doesn't start tempting him to SJP with talk of Guinness and Jaffa cakes.
  5. Thought he'd go back. I hope he does a good job for you lads
  6. That has to be photoshopped - the angels are all wrong
  7. Do you? If so, what colour? 121099[/snapback] Not this week
  8. Does it come with matching Cuffs?
  9. Thats not hard *runs away* Well thanks for that - great to be made welcome Should i be worried A manc with north east connections, although at least in her case her relatives are from the Tyne and not the Wear. 120386[/snapback] Fraid not i'm nearer the wear But i'm a lovely Citeh fan
  10. Woohoo it worked thanks Mags
  11. no i dont i'm afaid How do you quote on this thing lol
  12. yup i did i was right behind the goal woohoo - i'll always remember that match as it was the first stadium game i'd been to
  13. no i'm a mate of Craigs so i thought i would join in here too on his reccommendation
  14. Hiya everyone i'm caroline, 27 living in the midlands Just thought i'd say hello. I'm a Man City fan but also have a HUUUUUUUUUUGE soft spot for the Magpies as my family are all from the north east
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