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  1. Plumbers

    Any plumbers on here?
  2. Plumbers

    Been told its a thermostatic valve. Well, possibly that when I was describing it to the plumber pre lockdown. I have take then. Shower head off and looked and checked etc. It's a built in shower too which is su-fucking-perb as it makes things difficult.
  3. Plumbers

  4. Plumbers

    Had a dripping shower before lockdown. Called a plumber who's done some work for me before. Then a few days before lockdown he said he wasn't happy going to houses at the moment as his wife is up the duff. Fair dos and he gave me a number of someone. I contacted them, we agreed a day, then lockdown happened. Anyways as things started openng up I contacted him, he said he was set back due to lockdown but would get in touch to agree a date. Now can't get hold of him. Put a post on FB asking for recommendations, had a couple. Called em and you just get 'Yeh mate, I'm on a job at the moment, text me you address and I'll get back to you' Then hear fuck all. Got a recommendation from a mate of another guy. Called him he said he didnt usuall do stuff in my area but as I know his mate he will come over. 'Just drop me your postcode mate when I've got off this job I'll text you' Why not just say no sorry I'm too busy? I need my boiler servicing too and they just don't seem fucking interested in working.
  5. Plumbers

    I just wanted to ask where they all fucking hide.
  6. https://twitter.com/seedorf77/status/1286709343036071936?s=19
  7. If it's not resolved by then I think it's curtains. Fat fuck is already sweating on rates stuff on the high street.
  8. They have turned it into an absolute farce. Watch when another club wants to be taken over with Rose West, Jimmy Saville and Hindley as directors and see how it goes through with no issues.
  9. Other games 2019/2020

    Fuck off arsenal
  10. I wonder if this shite with Bruce saying about lack of transfer funds is a plea of some sort.
  11. See we have resigned with Fun 888 as our shirt sponsor. On a 'long term deal' Surly if the takeover is on, this is done with the new guys knowing?
  12. Other games 2019/2020

    Legendary manager?!? Are they mistaking him for Pep or Fergie or SBR? He's won a promotion and that's it.
  13. Other games 2019/2020

    Leeds in local lockdown soon then
  14. Other games 2019/2020

    You have to give credit to Leeds too. They're away following is decent. I would rather see Leeds in the prem like you say than fucking Norwich etc
  15. Other games 2019/2020

    Aye even if Brentford make it up I can't see Benrahma staying there.
  16. Other games 2019/2020

    As I kid I lived on the moan road from Wetherby (this was well before the M1/A1 link was built) and whenever we played Leeds i would always watch the cars driving past with my scarf out. Get a load of abuse from Leeds fans but loads of beeps from mags. Loved it.
  17. Other games 2019/2020

    Fuck me, they're wanking mentally on SKy. Sleeping Giants apparently with a global fan base Fuck me.
  18. Other games 2019/2020

    Aye. They should pay what Brighton want for White because he's been great for them. Albeit they want c£30m for him.
  19. Other games 2019/2020

    I've read so many people, including the likes of Pep and Klopp say how amazing Bielsa is. Lets see him keep them up.
  20. Other games 2019/2020

    Big club apparently despite not been in the Prem for 16 years. FFS Some cunt drove past the house blaring the horn. Fucking nonce.
  21. Holidays 2020

    Did you tour much when you were there @Gemmill I want to goto Yosemite, Tahoe, Austin, Boston to name a few.

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