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  1. Bloody Hell

    If the options were 'shit', 'shit' and '50 cent' - would that be ok? 171505[/snapback] Aye, just a bit of variation, you know.
  2. Bloody Hell

    None taken, I was a bit arsey yesterday. I've nowt against people voicing their concerns, it was the "it's shite tbh" crap that pissed me off. It offers fuck all. I also wanted to try and get across that maybe people should try it before deciding it's crap. That's not to say they can't have an initial impression, but some people were acting as if they were going to fuck off. I just got the feeling a lot of people were/are against it because it's change, which a lot of people don't like. I do think some of the reactions are hilarious though. Like we're on a power-trip. As people say, it's a fucking internet forum, we don't take things that seriously, I personally see these as pretty standard methods on a lot of boards (bar the Moderation board, but that is an idea taken from another forum, where it worked). And the claim that we'll not put up stuff we disagree with couldn't be further from the proof. It's just the nonsense threads like "How shit is Ameobi" consisting of a poll with options of shit, shit or shit. Or the threads that could easily have been in another existing one. I know we can merge, delete and all that, but sometimes threads have developed so it's too late to merge it without confusing things. That's how I see it. I will now go back into retirement...
  3. My thread

    Smiddy goes nuts here. What on the black and white earth happned. Sad thing is I was pissed out my infamous skull I started blaming people. Anyone I blamed, fuck yer. Sorry 'fuck yer', I mean love you. OK, what am I looking at, good and evil a NEW WORLD ORDER. BlufPurdi = Pish-holed.
  4. Shit day!

    Unlucky. Same thing happened to me with my "first" love. Still get the feeling of regret when her name pops up. And that was 4 years ago. Get pissed, forget about it. Best solution.
  5. Other teams

    I keep an eye on Darlington, but only a check every now and then. Rangers are me Scottish team, although I have grown disillussioned from them. Too many bigots, on both sides of the Old Firm.
  6. Toontastic Birthdays....

    Mine is 21st September, if that's not too much hassle, y'get me.
  7. What are you listening to ?

    Megadeth - Ashes In Your Mouth Nice to see some Megadeth admirers, in a minority of my own up here.
  8. So who we missing then?

    Afraid I'm here boys and girls. Cheers for the shout Shearergol. Is it morally legal to be pissed on this forum?

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