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  1. Sorry who are the dippers and whats the joke behind it? (call me a shit fan etc.)
  2. Put it this way, its miles fucking better than the stuff which we will experience next season.
  3. I rekon we will maintain an average of 52k every game.
  4. I think we should get alan curbishley he can bring us back hes done it before
  5. They're all shit sack the fucking board etc..
  6. At times like this all you can do is laugh, or cry. Pick your fucking poision.
  7. I'm sure we will be dearly missed.
  8. I rekon we will be straight back up if we can hold on to the likes of harper bassong enrique iglaseas and joey barton. Fear not my friends we will be back....
  9. Yeah its great i canny fuckin wait.
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