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Members we've never quite had.....

Glasgow Mag

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Well folks, what members have we never quite had on the forum - be it Toontastic, Toonchat, or Newcastle-Online.


I'll start -


We've never had a member called 'Dogmag' who loved dogs, used pictures of cute fluffy little dogs for his/her avatarts, and his/her name was Dogma, therefore Dogmag has two different meanings.

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Northern Geordie. Who would have an ongoing feud with southern just for the craic....(have no idea what that means  :blush: )



Can't beat a good bit of Craic :razz:


We've never had a southern mackem who goes around making up mates and saying he sleeps with people in the park.. Who also got engaged to an internet munter...


.. Oh no we have had that :angry:

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