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I must have registered here ages ago and lost the link.

Been looking for a decent Newcastle forum for literally years, I really like the look of the place.

A little about me:

Im 16 at the end of August and I live in Gateshead, I have supported Newcastle all my life.

Although im not a season ticket holder, I make it to about 10 games a season but now that I have a regular income I will be attending many more this season.

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Can I just say the layout is a bit confusing, Maybe make new forums and use subforums etc.


General Site

Site Announcements


Help and Suggestions


Football Boards

Newcastle United

Other Premierleague clubs


Foreign Football


Off Topic

The Lounge

Graphics and Art

Music and Entertainment

Site Affiliates


You get the idea? I just feel we could get some non-magpies here aswell which could make things even better.

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Guest Patrokles
Sorry I didn't mean to come across like I knew it all,

Was just giving some suggestions really.


It wasn't a dig at you. There was a thread a few weeks ago about how people aren't able now to devote as much time to the site as they could. You have another month of school holidays, right? Think of what you could achieve!

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Guest Patrokles
Fair point, No harm in suggesting, Personally I like it like this as its so based around Newcastle and I suppose you have everything you need. :blush:

And so basically, I'll be getting pms on my 16th birthday :lol:


nah, we make happy birthday threads here. ;)

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Guest Patrokles
Arent we all special and grown up :lol:

If my thread doesent have 5 pages by the end of the day im leaving ;)

*For the record that was a joke, just not a very funny one*


After his inability to post regularly any more, it looks like we have a replacement for Gemmill. Bad jokes and hissy fits!

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