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Picked this up yesterday. Online is shambolic, and one or two things (diving and penalties) seem a bit dodgy, but overall best football game to date? Seems like you have more control than in previous versions.


I'm nia11 on Live, add me if you fancy a lag-fest.


Has anyone got the PS3 version btw? I was surprised by how many on pesfan seem to have gone that way. Doesn't seem like the sensible choice at the moment.


Mods - please don't go all nazi on my thread and send it to the forum where threads go to die! The FM forum is only ever read by people who play FM, and even most football fans who don't play games make an exception for this one. :D

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Still undecided for my PS3 between this and Fifa ... Ive been a fan of both over the years.


Get both from GAME, and bring back the one that doesn't make the grade within 10 days or whatever. From what I've read, Fifa might edge it on PS3, with the slowdown issues with PES.


so hard to tell with all the fanboyism, but it sounds like Fifa is finally getting close again. Would be nice to have 2 decent games to choose from.


The last Fifa I really loved was 96, download the demos every year, but PES always seems to be that bit better.

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Mine came yesterday like. :D


Martins and Owen are both lethal, although I prefer using Martins and Viduka, as I win nothing in the air without the Duke.


I've been benching Martins in favour of the Owen and Viduka. Should be stripped of my screen name tbh. :razz:


btw, if you could stomach living with a country full of bastards, you could have just walked into the shops and bought it yesterday.

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I figured out you can transfer Beye and Faye and play them on Live, which is nice.

Howay then, I can't be arsed to find out.


Do tell.


Use the Edit function to set up Newcastle the way you want them, then start a Master League match using that team, save it. Then when you start Xbox Live, use the "Load Master League" option in Xbox Live Options. When you enter a game where "all" teams are allowed, you'll see a Master League option down the bottom.

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