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Stopped reading after this:


" But Joe knows that the most important thing with Newcastle fans right now, and if it’s not, it should be, is ensuring we stay in the top flight in the last 14 games of what has been an agonizing season for the Newcastle faithful."



Is whoever wrote this having a pop at those supporters discussing possible actions/demonstrations etc????? The bit in italics suggests he's having a go.

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This bloke is so shit we must be able to get a better manager than him ffs surely there's better managers we can get from the championship or abroad

tbh I think you'd find better managers in the fucking pub leagues than this self contradicting numpty.



Don't give them ideas man! :lol:

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Did you see the choice quote lifted from the 606 forum that the BBC decided to highlight on their site?


I hope Joe Kinnear gets the new deal...we've been crying out for stability since Sir Bobby's time


Fantastic example of the garbage that gets posted on there - never mind censoring out half of what people say for fear it'll cause recriminations, they should be censoring out complete bollocks like that!

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Joe Kinnear simply has to go.


He cannot be manager of Newcastle United past summer and even up to that it's squeaky bot time!


He won a couple of matches and we looked ok, now 4 wins in 20? 3 F.A bans and players actually wanting to leave because of him.


A while ago I was positive but this man cannot possibly do anything other than take us down in three years.


We can't let it happen.


A 21 % success ratio is not doing your job properly and it shouldn't be rewarded.

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It'll be the worst news in a long while if that clueless fucker signs a 3 year contract like.



Whenever I see him on the telly I either mute it or turn off straight away... the man's a complete arse.


He looks like a darts player for a start, and although I've never been able to confirm this, I have serious doubts about his levels of personal hygiene. Greasy bastard.

Edited by Matty
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