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  1. :spit:
  2. I've got money on us feeling confident today
  3. fuck me, we are hardly setting the league alight mind
  4. mind boggling why anyone would pay over the top
  5. what price on SD.com being on the shirts from next season?
  6. eurostar is the easiest, I use it alot to get to europe, its a piece of piss it really is
  7. hopefully Nile will be prosecuted for using a mobile phone whilst driving
  8. 3 posts above yours.............
  9. frankie boyle tweet is pure genius
  10. love the fact skysports keep talking about Michael owen tweeting that he doesnt have a club yet, little cunt hawking himself about and no one wants the little prick, his brochure this year just obviously not up to scratch
  11. ive organic green tea (no need to comment i feel emasculated as it is)
  12. debuchy - couldn't get it over the line in time after we matched the asking price
  13. i could happily sit and watch him play all day, he is such a gifted footballer
  14. well taken goal and shocking defending
  15. +2 please guys