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Met Sir Bobby Robson today

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Just been to an opening of an office that we did the structural works on


Sir Bobby Robson opened it, had a breif chat with him about the Toon and life in general, he signed me a book.


I left him and man, was in tears within minutes, the bloke is a legend!

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Edited the title somewhat appropriately to spare others the scare!


It can never be said enough. Love the man.


Met him twice, once quickly in 2002 after a game with my dad. Think Bobby was a real hero to him. And another time in 2005 when I was working in Newcastle, we were organising a training thing in the same building he had an office in so kept bumping into him all day. He was a bit grumpy though :lol:

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Now the thread title just read like SBR was bullying him.


Good old SBR, he must have read the thread about Wykiki's psycho ex. :doh:





SBR just looked tired, he had one gorgeous driver of his damn nice Bentley, his PA was a right old battle axe. Apparently he had just had chemo recently so thats prob why he looked so tired.


He still had his good old wit a humour :)



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