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Men queuing up for 'moob' surgery


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What a fucking tit :lol:


A bit harsh on Fish. :D


7.30 he was up frantically replying. Can't have slept well, knowing he still hadn't convinced everyone he'd never met.


Two solid weeks worth of effort :D


Still jealous Sammy? :icon_lol:



ah the :puke: smiley, the last refuge for someone with nothing of any worth to say, well done Fop, you're out-doing yourself lately.







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The board's been pretty good lately, the debates haven't been taken off track, there's been a good exchange of ideas without either side resorting to Fop-like petulance.


It was nice while it lasted :lol:

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I have been thinking about this a bit recently (yes I know :) ) and although I believe Fop does go to the gym (he seems to know what he is talking about, to an extent) I do think he is chatting shit.


Thats nothing to do with jealousy, I am very happy with my progress and where I am at the moment, just some of the stuff you have said doesn't fit.

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