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Quality of crosses...

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OMG why can't we cross the ball into our 6 ft giant in the middle of the goal>????????


He'd be offside? :D


Hehe :D .. It's just so frustrating that we have Duncan junior leading our line yet we can't actually get the ball to him when we cross.. well if you can call it crossing.. anyone for 5 a-side down powerleague.. seems they might cope with crosses then..

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Unfortunately, like Martins, he's got a snappy song and has shown moments of absolute class so he'll remain a firm fan favourite, but he's utter garbage overall. Couldn't cross a quiet country road.


Still our best option like.



Raylor's canny at the old crossing the ball malarky. not very good at much else tho..............

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When we go up, if we are looking at Carroll being a regular upfront for us it is going to be massively important to find a winger or two who can consistently put the ball on his head if we are going to do well. The guy is brilliant in the air...what happened to playin to our strengths?


For all Geremi is shit slow he is the only one in the club who can cross a ball. Not that im suggesting we play him or anything.

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