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No sound on work computer.  I'm gonna need a synopsis. ;)



Basically some bloke who has obviously got access to the CCTV camera in the retaurant rings McDonalds pretending to be the old bill - tells the supervisor that a certain 'attractive' young female has been pick-pocketing off customers. Gets them to strip her naked, get her to jump around in front of the camera and even get her to perform a sexual act with another member of staff...


This goes on for over 3 hours before someone has the common sense to realise something isn't right and they call the police...


The supervisor's defence? "I thought it was the police so I did what I was told!"


Stupid fucking bint! ;)

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Sodomy is a term of religious origin to characterise certain sexual non-procreative acts. Most commonly used to describe the specific act of anal sex both between heterosexuals and homosexuals, the term "sodomy" also may include non-coital sexual acts such as oral sex and other paraphilia. Laws forbidding certain types of sex acts have been found in some pre-modern cultures.




you learn something every day

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