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Heres a twat of an issue.


Im running a Desktop PC with dual monitors and have recently added a Trust Tablet for photo work.


Trouble was the tablet only ever worked on my second monitor and not the main one. After some googling I found a potential solution which involved going to


Control Panel>Tablet PC Settings and then changing the screen mapping.


So I head in and have a look around, all I could find that looked possible was the setting under the Display tab which was currently set as Primary Landscape. So I changed it to "Secondary Landscape".


At the point of hitting Apply my screen went black with only my cursor showing (which was now upside down). Now my mouse is inverted and the only time I can see any Window is by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del which takes me to the usual menu but upside down, hitting any option including task Manager simply reverts back to a blank screen.


Ive tried switching off and on but still the same, on boot up it seems to be fine until the login screen which is inverted again.



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Kevin is half right.


In safe mode it should hopefully let you set the screens again.


Tried it, in Safe mode all appears the correct way up however when I go into Table PC settings it only has one option (the one I want) however on applying that and then restarting I still have the same issue.


Not sure how unplugging a monitor will help but I'll give it a go.

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Do both screens go blank?




Just to confirm, Ive been happily using 2 monitors for months so its not a compatibility issue, added the Tablet a week ago and thats been working (just not on the screen I wanted). The issue is the CP setting Ive changed which I now appear to be unable to change back because I cant see it.


Im wondering if I can add a command to the autoexec which will set the Control Panel attribute automatically on startup?

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