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there was a phantom shitter at my school who used to drop logs in the middle of the floor in the lads' bogs. he was never named and shamed.

Does that feel better unloading your burden of guilt years after unloading your guts? :lol:


And to think I nearly got away with it after all these years :icon_lol:

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I remember in my first year a woman was having an affair with one of her son's mates (about 15 iirc) and ran of with him to America before being caught by the police. Think it was in the paper.


I heard a year or so ago that the brother of an old classmate of mine had been arrested for the murder of some woman in an 'honour' killing. Dunno what came out of that.


Again, I haven't spoken to anyone from school for absolutely donkeys.


Loving all the defecation stories, but very glad I didn't go to school in the North East, shitting in your pencil case ffs. :lol:

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