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Newcastle vs Sunderland 'friendly'

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Behind closed doors today, apparently already kicked off?

Gouffran, Taylor, Lascellas Woodman and Riviere are all set to play for Newcastle

With Watmore Harper and Ndoye are set to play for Sunderland.

Any one know any more information Like?

Nope, but I wouldn't worry. It'll be reported on soon enough.


Chill winston.

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Unwasheds website wanking themselves silly over the 'imaginary' game that they are commenting on watching - twitter folks taking their posts and throwing them out as if they are the actual results in play :)

I doubt we'll ever find out the result if theres no press etc allowed in there, cannat see six finger sammy from kfc round the corner being allowed in to livetweet the 5th fletcher goal xD

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Btw, what the fuck is this game about? Of all the teams to play a friendly against?


Mental isn't it? Win & it doesn't matter, lose and you've lost to the rivals yet again. Fucking silly if you ask me. We've no game this weekend so I can only assume it's a fitness builder for the fringe players/those coming back from injury, so why would you play against sunderland and not just a lower league/Scottish team? :lol:


Speaking of which it sounds like Marveaux got injured again. :lol:


By the way I see we have 477 guests viewing this thread, :hiya:


bless 'em

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