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Quite looking forward to it now. I'm living in London, hoping Millwall do Bradford, looks like they will now. That'll be QPR, Brentford, Fulham and Millwall in easy reach. Depending on shifts I'll make an effort to get to more games.

Onwards and bastard upwards.

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Yes, we need to improve for sure, fighting relegation season after season just is not acceptable for such a big club like SAFC.


Now we have a proven manager like SA, I think anything is possible next season - just look what Leicester did.

`for such a big club like SAFC'. Now i'm not saying for one minute we're a big club,but seriously,how much bigger are we as a club than you.

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No, but there's an angry mod deleting my posts! :lol:

Puzzler that mind.

I checked the database to see what was going on with your posts disappearing, since we should all benefit from your rapier* wit.

Came back with this

Error U15; server does not support nonces.

Hey ho.


* a rapier is a sword, not a centre forward.

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