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Best new album this week?  

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Keep meaning to catch up on back catalogues, but keep ploughing on with new artists and old favourites.


Started listening to Roxy Music and Can last week though and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Anyone fancy voting for a band/artist each week for everyone else to listen to, learn about and comment on?


Tied in the vote with new albums for the week so there's something for people who already know them inside out.  


Can add any other to the vote.

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Haven't heard the full new album yet. Couple of tracks sounded a bit lazy or re-workings of old ideas.


My main interest in them is the mix of 80's Manchester/Sheffield/Liverpool period of alt synth bands. There is a clear melancholy to most of their tracks that linger in the mind and actually don't reward too close a listen. It is something far away that promises to reveal itself but never quite does..This is their charm. There is some Psychedelic Furs, Icicle Works and Simple Minds creeping about in there as well.


Proper review to follow. My mate likes them cause the lead singer looks like his brother.

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The fucker is using a 330 Rickenbacker, a fender precision bass and "there is all this studio equipment", there is no chance he uses his phone and an irig to record the music he releases.

People just talk such shite.

The first few bars sounded so clean no way it was recorded without professional gear.

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