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Just a quick question lads or lasses can anyone recommed a place that does these Spa day things locally as in the North East. I want to give Mrs T & Miss T a treat for everything they do for me. Ive looked on Wowcher etc nearly all seem to be down south shirley there's somewhere local any ideas ? Thanks in advance  Steve aka Trooper.

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Do a google search for "Northumberland spa days" Trooper. 

It'll bring up a stack of places. 

I've no idea what your budget is, but places listed include Matfen Hall, and a health club in Seahouses, so you should be able to find something suitable in there. 

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6 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

There's always a risk you spot his trotters out on display at matfen iirc, which makes the case for seaham even more compelling 

Trotticurist- " My word, these hoofs are in a shocking state.

Have you been digging up too many rusty spoons lately , Mr. Pigsy?"

CT- " Oink". 

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