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I come in peace!!! Cancer has no colours

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#Cancer has no colours 

Firstly hello all and I hope it is ok with the moderators to post this.

My name is Tony Munday, I am a 49 year old unfit Millwall supporter (someone has to be) who is heading for the knackers yard. On Sunday March 18th I am running the Brentwood half marathon on behalf of a 3 year old little girl called Isla Caton who is suffering from the same horrible disease that took Bradley Lowery the boy who captured the nations hearts.

The disease is Neuroblastoma and the treatment for this is only available in America. 

On Tuesday young Isla had an operation to move a tumour from her brain and now goes back to chemo treatment to clear the cancer.

Through the Bradley Lowery foundation the family need to raise £400,000.

Here’s the catch.

Isla Caton is born into a staunch West Ham family and as a Millwall supporter I am using this as leverage to raise as much money for her as possible.

The rivalry between the two clubs is huge and I pray they lose every week.

I set my original target at £1000 and declared I would run in a West Ham shirt if reached. Due to having many West Ham friends who I have wound up over the years I reached the £1000 in 24 hours.

I added targets

£2000 to run in full kit

£3500 to do crossed hammers at finish line

£7000 to run with dyed claret and blue hair 

I’m currently at approx £4,100.

Normally I wouldn’t even look at a West Ham kit let alone wear one but I’m prepared for the stick I’ll get for the rest of my life so this amazing little girl gets what she needs. My pain will be nothing compared to what she is going through.

It’s a very small sacrifice for me to make.

I am joining forums of all 92 league clubs to post this message and hoping the football family come together to help smash this target and help sendthis incredibly brave little girl to America to save her life by donating to my just giving page.

In my eyes cancer has no colours especially inchildren.

Isla’s twitter address is @islasfight, feel free to look and see what she’s going through

Here is my just giving page below, hopefully you will find it in your hearts to donate to the cause through my run.

Forget the £7,000 target lets smash it to as much as possible, this angel deserves a chance at life 

I thank you all so much in advance 

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6 hours ago, PaddockLad said:

Heard you on the radio yesterday mate, were you eating jellied eels at the time?...bit muffled but got the drift, fair play to you, you'll know my donation when you see it :good:





That wasn’t me mate, that was a young fella who nicked the idea!! 

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I met young Isla and her family last night for the first time when I went to collect the West Ham kit from their house.
A very very humbling experience.
Isla’s parents are so strong and Isla was running around like any normal 3 year old just a week after an op to remove a brain tumour with the only visible signs being her face and head are totally bruised from the surgery
An inspiration for all
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Where do I start!!!


Today’s Brentwood half marathon was cancelled due to the inclement weather and will not be rescheduled.

I took all the donations on the premise that I would do the forfeits I put in place.

So I will honour them all.


So now on Saturday 31st March, I will run a much more dangerous route from Cold Blow Lane to the Olympic Stadium via the New Den and the Boleyn ground wearing full West Ham kit and having claret and blue dyed hair. I will do crosses hammers at the finish where I will meet up with some of Isla’s fundraisers and then take in the West Ham v Southampton game 


I’ll be surprised if I don’t get a whack from someone along the route, more so through Millwall territory in Bermondsey!!


I hope this will satisfy all of those who have donated.

Wish me luck, I need it!!


I thank you all once more for your incredible support

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On 18/03/2018 at 15:51, Meenzer said:

Haha, fair play! I live in Lewisham so I'll try and come along and give you a cheer :D

I think I could need some security, the first three miles through Bermondsey in full West Ham kit is where most of the danger is I reckon :icon_lol:

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Well it’s all done and dusted!

The day went really well, no abuse, no clumps. Met and drank with some real old school West Ham, was a good laugh and ended up as pissed as a fart!!

Thank you for all your donations and support, it really is appreciated by myself and Isla’s family. If you’d still like to donate you can at the following page


I’ll leave some photos below and thank you once more.

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