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Aye, it would be even more lopsided than it is now too. I'm sure I read of another design where the Gallowgate stand was increased and the East stand was built up, but with windows in so that it didn't block light to Leazes terrace

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58 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

If the cunts hadn't sold the Strawberry land something like this wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility. Would hold 60k apparently




Some say that would still be possible despite the new developments.

nor that it or the other option would ever happen with Ashley in charge. 

I love shit like this though. 

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The idea of turning the pitch around was seriously considered during the Keegan era, the idea being to build the Gallowgate up and out over the road , like the plans linked above but as a more continuous U shape around the three unrestricted sides. 

Of course, The Fat Cunt selling the land off has scuppered that, alongside his deep pockets and short arms. 

(My brother did a lot of design work for the club at the time, and I remember him talking about it in some detail. )

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