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Looks like NOT is buggered

Rob W

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Aye - life's a bugger.......... being killed by half of NOT leaping off the Bridge has to rate as my least favourite way of going TBH


It would look TERRIBLE on the headstone


"Here lies Rob W ....."

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NOT = Newcastle-Online-Tastic?


Are we merging again?



Only if we can call it Toontastic-Online :D



sounds like a good idea but how about we shorten it to Toontastic as it is less of a mouthful, then make it so cliquey that nobody will want to join then when others come along we could be dead sarcastic so they dont like us.

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Or how about we just try to please everyone:






We can make it into a fantabulous money-making enterprise and everything. We'll have loads of shit users to mock in the nufc section, and a big clique in general chat which you need to pay a hefty ammount to gain access to (part of the money-making enterpise). And sharks, several LARGE sharks. The sharks will be pre-programmed to SAVAGELY attack the users who just become too shit for words. Those users will then be fined a triple-figure sum for their utter stupidity.


Oh, and we can also have LOADS of downtime. All great forums need downtime. But we'll have random customised error messages flash up during this downtime, which will eventually become our main point of funding. You'll actually have to PAY to get past these errors, otherwise they'll completely destroy your computer via some kind of super-virus.


Eventually we'll take over the world, and run campaigns to get new managers, coaching staff and tea ladies for newcastle-online-slash-toontastic united (yeah we've renamed the team, we're just THAT big). We'll write dossiers and everything. We'll win the champions league, the fa cup, the premiership; the lot.


Just as we're reaching our peak though, we'll all fall out over an internet argument and have a huge split, going back to our original forums. We'll all ZAP from board to board scanning EVERY SINGLE THREAD, and dart back to our forum's admin room, general chat, or even nufc section to bitch about what we read. We'll poach each others' greatest users via pm, and BANTER with one another in random threads with dramatic over-use of "safety winks" as standard. Skunkers will gradually overtake us both, and slowly rise to become the dominant force of nufc messageboards on the web.


The internet will then gradually collapse upon itself in a string of mass mongyness, and the world will implode following a string of incomprehensible nonsense from one of their members. It will be a tragic, tragic end to a tragic, tragic tale.


But it will be an end, nonetheless.

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