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Euro Super League.

Ugly Mackems

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He’s such a wanker. One of the whiniest managers I’ve ever seen in the PL, desperate to be a victim over this. He literally states they’re the face of the club then questions why they’re facing protests :lol:. Calling out Chelsea and Arsenal fans for protesting their own clubs, so according to him no one should have done anything and just hoped it wouldn’t happen? Tosser. I hope they get absolutely hammered with bans and punishments, they won’t but it would be hilarious to listen to that wanker whinge about it. His whole “they’ve come to their senses and we can all just move on” is just an absurd stance too. 

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ESL summary:

Some cuntishly 'rich' high profile clubs have been in pissing competitions with each other over paying the most for transfers and the largest wages to increase their profiles and only now realise that cash wielding glory seeking foreign people aren't really that interested in watching them waving their cashed up mercenaries in the faces of teams that aren't even close to competing on an even footing. And many of these high profile clubs are not actually rich enough to afford the number of cashed up mercenaries that are required to compete domestically and abroad which is the only way that you can secure more of the cash wielding glory seeking foreigners. So, they need to invent a new way of generating income in the only way they know how, by trying to exploit fans and forming their own little 'rich' boys club to stage meaningless games featuring the most cashed up mercenaries in the game. They're so out of touch and removed from reality in their yes men bubbles that they actually believed that this would garner wide spread support and adulation from fan boys dying to see the same meaningless games ad nauseum. Furthermore the pot that they're trying to extract more money from is already largely tapped out, and worse, the bottom side of that same pot is justifiably becoming disenfranchised with the disparate nature of all domestic competitions that all said and done see success being driven by the spending. The same spending that has driven these cuntish clubs to try to take this action.


It's kind of delicious how things have transpired. 


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