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Which stadiums are your favourite ones?

My favourite foreign stadiums:

1) La Bombonera (The Chocolate Box), extremely steep stadium in Argentina. The home of the famous Boca Juniors, the former club of Maradona.
2) Estadio Azteca, the huge stadium in Mexico City which hosted two World Cup finals.
3) The home of Borussia Dortmund, with "The Yellow Wall", the impressive standing section.

Less famous foreign stadiums I love:


FNB Stadium, South Africa:


Tianhe Stadium, China:


Eden Gardens, India:


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3 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

The Reynolds in Darlo- magnificent. 

The Ghazi in Kabul- really popular, people were dying to get in.


Grounsell Park- class

Do you get to see Heaton Stan much? Cracking little ground like ;)

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The pun potential for this minge-shaped monstrosity is huge. 


“They got battered”

” It’s wide open, Jeff”

” It’s very tight at the moment, we need a shot to open things up”

”It looks like giant piss flaps, Alan”

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