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Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth - QEII Sombre Edition


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On 18/09/2022 at 18:35, Dougle said:


Just seen that this afternoon. Why the fuck would they do that?

Make the bar less accessible or attractive to a non-regular?

Council fucking regulations no doubt.



for the forest game the place was fucking heaving, there was as many people stood drinking in the alley up the side and in the car park behind as there was in the pub/beer garden bit.

for the man city game they had staff outside stopping folk standing in the car park/sitting on the wall/or even resting your pint on it.

guessing there's been complaints?

love the place me though and reckon it's by far and away the most glorious shithole in town since they pulled the doll down.


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23 hours ago, Kid Dynamite said:

You couldn't play Trippier and ASM on the same wing tbf without leaving us wide open to counterattacks down that side.


If we sign a very attacking RW in January then Trippier may have to curb his forward runs slightly.




I think you can if you play a combative midfielder on that side. Trippier is intelligent enough to play a more restrained role as and when is required, and if you shunt Joelinton or A.N.Other defensive minded midfielder on that side you've plenty of cover. 

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