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For some reason a glass of milk goes really well with chips from the chippy.




On this one I agree with you - helps float the grease off so it sits on top in your stomach......................

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Odd- I loved to drink milk as a kid but looking back now I can't remember when the last time is that I drank the stuff other than in tea. Hmm.. might have to remedy that as I can't think of much that I'd enjoy more than this


right now. Ice cold milk and Oreos.....mmmmmmmmm.....

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In my youth I used to smoke a certain type of cigarette. I was at a pals in Heaton and we had run out of milk for the tea (we would smoke drink tea and eat buttered toast). I drew the short straw and had to go to the shop for milk. I really wasnt in any state to converse with anyone so had a plan in my head which was to silently take said milk from fridge put pound on counter take change grunt thanks and leave. However to my surprise and dread when I got to the shop the backward gits didnt have a fridge just a cold counter which the guy stood behind. And for some inexplicable reason the shop was well busy with people obviously there to look for stoned people and report them to the police.


Anyway I waited in the queue and there was other people behind me and I was looking at this counter which had loads of milk bottles red top gold top silver top right next to those bottles of orange juice in milk bottle form (you know the ones).


So I get to the front of the queue and ask the guy for a bottl;e of milk. He says "what colour" to which i reply in a confused state of mind "A white one please"


Everyone behind me just started to p*ss themselves laughing and the shopkeeper asked if I wanted some cigarette papers too.


I was really embarrassed.

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Milk's alright.


Once experimented by pouring chocolate milk onto shredded wheat. Wasn't particularly pleasant.




you should try coco pops, they turn normal milk into chocolate milk! Its like an added bonus.



But I don't eat breakfast anymore, and cereal bores me if I have to eat it everyday :o

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