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    Thanks for the memories. Saturday was my first experience in St. James Park. I came from Madrid to your city just for the match. It was the momment I have been waiting for more than 10 years. I spoke with a lot of people in the city, in the stadium and everyone helped me, asked me why was a crazy Atletico de Madrid born fan than loves Newcastle. Love you guys. I can't explain why, but I started to cry when the match started. Appreciate what you have and you can enjoy every 15 days. You are very very very special. See you in the future, I know.
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    I don’t know Callum. But you weren’t arsed when it came to your own website (https://realcombatmedia.com), with its in depth coverage of Joshua vs Ruiz II so why are you arsed now? Fuck off you smoggy cunt.
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    Calling out around Wearside Are you ready for a brand new beat? Eternal Winter's there and the time is right For shitting in the street They're shitting in Roker (shiting in the street) Down in Pennywell (shitting in the street) In Hendon (shiting in the street) All we need is blue pop, sweet blue pop There'll be blue pop everywhere There'll be defecating, urinating, and spice being taken Shitting in the street
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    Great news lads the son in laws ex wife is home. It looks like she's going to be ok it's really brought it home how bad this is. Hopefully things can get back to some kind of normality in a couple of months & we can get over to see her & the kids. I'm starting to really miss all the grandkids I'm going to try & speak to them all today
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    I think it's fair to say that the journalists aren't winning hearts and minds from our lot on this. We're going to have a club-wide siege mentality at this rate. As Strawb says, thick skins from here on out. The fact that they're going for the fans is what gets me in particular. We live in a country where the government won't stand up to Saudi Arabia, where the voters don't care about it enough to change that, and where a series of businesses fall over themselves to absorb Saudi money left and right anyway. But no, it's a bunch of long suffering football fans who have to take the moral stand and who will be pilloried for not doing so. Fuck off. Have the balls to change the whole fucking system or just fuck off. As far as I'm concerned, this is our late stage capitalism dividend.
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    Don't call it a comeback We've been shit for years Worst team on the River Wear Puttin' clean seats at the SoS in fear Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon Listen to the half empty stadium go boo Adam Johnson, overpowerin' In front of the Paedo Hunters he's cowerin Wrecking the chicken shop when I write these lyrics That'll make you call the Canny Cops Competition's payin' the price I'm gonna knock you out Reiver said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out Danger Nonce said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out That cunt who shat on his seat said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out Word to your Mother. She's also your sister
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    Look,I want both north east teams to do well.Some on here are forever having digs at the makems.Not me.
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    i'm going to explain to you where you're going wrong here, although god only knows why i should need to.... you (and no doubt many others in the putrid facebook/twitter world of the terminally stupid) appear to be using bruce's relatively reasonable and surprising points haul thus far as a stick to beat newcastle supporters who viewed benitez as a last bastion of hope in a whole world of depressingly unambitious and vindictive mike ashley induced shite. and you're gloating about it. bruce might well fluke a top ten finish, he's done it before (just) with the mackems. this however wouldn't make him a good manager as i'm sure our mates down the road would tell you. indeed you need look no further than our very own alan pardew's 5th place finish to see how it's feasible for the footballing planets to miraculously align and produce an anomaly. bruce isn't an ashley masterstroke to guide us to football utopia. bruce hasn't been, isn't, nor will he ever be, fit to lace benitez's laces both as a competent manager or indeed a man. benitez represented hope and progression even under the strangling grip of a cunt like ashley. bruce represents 17th place finishes and fawning platitudes to an utter peice of human scum. they're well suited to each other mikey and stevie, they're both morally bankrupt. now... if you've really needed the glaringly obvious pointed out to you, you're either 1) thick as fucking pig shit. 2) on a really ill judged wind up. i'll give you the benefit of doubt and plump for the latter.
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    He's just another Pardew for me. Didn't like the fucker before he came here, didn't like him when he was here, and I'll continue disliking him after he's left. Just another snidey snake in the grass, the cabbage faced cunt.
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    After some painstaking research I’ve finally managed to pinpoint exactly when the deal went tits up
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    His fucking up the England job before his second match in charge through his own greed has to be one of the greatest footballing moments of the last decade or so.
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    Leicester fan here. Just coming on to (hopefully) congratulate you guys on your much deserved takeover. I must say from my perspective, I don't understand the outcry regarding the Saudi Arabians taking over your club at all. If one looks back, every single "benevolent" and "good" owner of a Premier League club in recent memory has bought their club for underlying motives. For instance, we know Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea to raise and cleanse his public profile as an unscrupulous and powergrabbing oligarch during the break up of Soviet state assets. Abu Dhabi bought Manchester City to enhance their standing in the West with a view to diversifying their economy. Even my beloved former Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha bought Leicester City in the midst of suspicion regarding his state-backed monopolisation of Thailand's Duty Free market and his role in attempted coups. The core questions are these though: What were the positives and what were the negatives of these purchases; do the positives outweigh the negatives? The positives that these acquisitions brought need little explanation. Despite initial short-term hatred from rival clubs, these three clubs have provided some of the greatest footballing stories of recent memory, adding untold extra layers of intrigue, interest and as a result incredible long-term growth and prosperity to the Premier League. Similarly, local areas around the clubs have been significantly invested in and thus transformed, substantially increasing wealth, jobs and standards of living. The Saudi Arabian takeover of yourselves will surely yield similar rewards for the Premier League and local area. The negatives are however indiscernible; potentially they have helped Abramovich, Srivaddhanaprabha and Abu Dhabi in their home power plays against whatever similarly shady rivals they were operating against, but I can't pretend to be an expert on these matters so as to offer a proper analysis of them. The same can be said for so many of the sports journalists we are seeing now who suddenly seem to be experts around the complexities of Saudi Arabian politics and governance in the Middle East. In this way, resistance to your takeover is seeming to revolve around this issue of morality, and television rights. As I can see has been covered by others numerous times in this thread already, the Premier League can't resolve the alleged issue of Saudi Arabian piracy by ostracising them completely. We can see from history that ostracised individuals actively resist the wills of those they've been ostracised by. The Premier League needs to get the Saudis around the talking table, strengthen the volume of mutually beneficial dialogue between the two and work together as collaborative partners to address this issue. Similarly, the moral issue doesn't land at all. The simple recent increase in journalistic activity on Saudi Arabia is evidence enough that this deal has drastically increased public interest in Saudi Arabian affairs, and will continue to do so as the profile of Newcastle United rises under their leadership. This then increases public interest and scrutiny of the regime's activities, and consequently public clamour for action regarding alleged misdeeds will rise in parallel. Accordingly, our governments therefore feel more pressured to act, and will have increased influence over Saudi Arabia to do so with due to their mutually beneficial collaborative relationships, and the increased array of sanctions to threaten Saudi Arabia with that come with the closer economic integration exampled by this deal. So, from both a television rights and a moral basis, the best long-term play is to support this deal. I do not know if it is just the media's self-designated duty to support whichever side of the argument necessary to herd the opposing factions into the fight ring in the most explosive and best selling fashion possible, or whether the coronavirus epidemic is making them all especially sentimental and clouding their ability to make a long-term and logical interpretation of this takeover, but I feel really sorry for you guys having to put up with it all. I have my fingers crossed that it is sorted imminently.
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    Here's another letter objecting to the proposed takeover....
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    ‘Another boring Sunday afternoon, think I’ll crack open a beer and wind up some Geordies online’. One hour late and life in tatters:
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    A 10ft coffin, slowly whirring down the aisle carried by 6 weeping Roombas.
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    Aye, why would we want to build a statue of a lifelong Newcastle fan who represented the region impeccably as manager of sides like Barcelona, and Porto. Came back home to manage one of the most exciting sides in NUFC history, leading them into being regular participants in the Champions League, before founding a fantastic charity that has impacted the lives of my family and many more throughout the region. Yes there was booing and frustration towards the end of his management of us, I remember many being mostly pissed off at the likes of Dyer and Bellamy being disrespectful towards him. Either way it is regrettable and was linked to the inflated standards the fan base had at the time thanks massively to how highly we had been established during his tenure (and of course Keegan before him). It’s obviously nothing like what the mackems portray it was though, and it must be really nice to have a fan base where you can’t look back with hindsight and point out anything regrettable from a section of the fan base eh. He did attend some mackem games as a kid, from what I’ve heard he did so even later in his life as well. He did this as he loved football and he loved the North East, not because he was a fan of Sunderland but they’re using this to try and twist it into their weird little agenda. They’re welcome to do so, I personally find it pathetic and a little sad that they’re trying to point score in an area they could just appreciate a true legend of our region but I am not shocked at all, it’s exactly what I expect from them. The fact the absolute wretch who posted that put “seemed like a good bloke” sums them up tbh. Sir Bobby Robson “seemed like a good bloke” grow up for fuck sake, the man was phenomenal, had time for everyone by all accounts, and was respected by anyone that knew of him. I can speak to how brilliant his charity is for our region, and I’m so glad that he got his wish to leave that as his legacy. Legend.
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    The whole thing is brilliant. I don’t think anyone would have guessed all of our predictions would have been this dead on, despite it all being fairly inevitable. That thread is class, it’s basically just what we were saying from the start. Some tit who owned a semi pro club got the chance at owning them for essentially fuck all, inevitably the fact he doesn’t have money to put in and has no experience or know how mean that when they didn’t immediately go up so he could sell it’s blown up and they’re stuck together. The one absolute plum that gives it the “if he has any affinity for us at all he will sell” firstly the bloke has never given a flying fuck, he saw it as a chance at making a fair bit with little personal risk, secondly who the fuck would he sell it to? It’s a rotten club with a boring as fuck 90’s flat pack stadium located in an area devoid of anything interesting, with a horrible fan base who are doing their ample best to make every bit of the club poisonous, and finally this is just another example of fucking delusion, he saw Short do something he absolutely didn’t need to do and that they didn’t deserve by bailing them out and is now expecting this guy to essentially take a personal hit to help them (Forgoing any hope of making money I would presume as he’d not get much for them since they’re in League One and seemingly have a pretty nasty negative cash flow)? Fucking utter shambles of a club. I hope this bellend and his cockend mate Methven (“ahhhm dead excited we gorra pr lads fan in marras” thick cunts) are stuck with the club for at least as long as Ashley has owned NUFC. I also enjoyed the “he’s done so much right off the pitch” comments, that essentially boils down to the fact him and dickhead #2 used to regularly insult NUFC as he hasn’t done things right off the pitch. He has tried to stop the negative cash flow, seemingly he has failed as he needed an external loan. His master stroke was fooling those 6 fingered perverts to change their own seats rather than paying a company to do it and have them think it was brilliant, other than that he’s been a heap of shite.
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    It is not dead as long as there isn’t a coffin carried through the streets of Newcastle.
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    So the Premier League got exactly what they wanted. Think that’s me done with football like. What’s the fucking point of watching a football club whose owner has took the absolute piss for 13 years and had actually sold the fucking club, imagine his apathy now? On top of that I’m not watching a brand that is literally telling us we’re going to be shite, they just sat on this deal and frustrated until this happened purely to keep the Liverpool, Man Utd etc wankfest club going. Sorry like this is a complete joke.
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    "Well diary, long time no see, ah was just about to set off for graft as some clever cunt, or so-called clever cunt had intraduc, introjuice, err brought in social distancing into Thomson house and we all had to go back after dialling it in through the lockdown until ah mentioned us all bunching up as we all started together so ah managed to get staggered starts so ah was still in the house when me batphone rang. "Hello, Lee Ryder, award winning sports journalist, Newcastle chronicle, speak to me." It was pigeon chest Campbell. "Alreet, Lee? We were ah'll on WhatsApp yesterday and we're gannin to Benidorm on Tuesday. Ah'll the lads are up for it, last minute but are you up for it? Mala said he'd ring you but ah seen him this morning in the toon getting a new phone, he dropped his old one doon the bog so ah said ahe'd phone you instead." Fucking get in, ah thought. Ah could do with a lads piss up so was on it quicker than Brucie giving a vague NUFC recollection as a bairn. Ah got into work at half ten and moaned on about the mettees being off again. Ah put me holidays in with Gibbo and then bumped into Mark Douglas who told me that Saint-Maximin had won the Ronny Gill player of the year. The award was always done at the end of the season and it would've been me handing it over this year but ah was going to be full of Cruzcampo in Benidorm with the lads and hopefully balls deep in some lucky senoritas so wouldn't be able to hand it over to the French wing wizard. Mark asked if I was ok to do it and this is what separates the Ryder's from the Douglas's of this world. "Aye, nee bother wor kid, ah'll pick the trophy up when ah go on me dinner today." Douggy asked me why and ah filled him up with some shite about needing a week to psyche mesel up and using the trophy as inspiration. Anyways, ah headed up to the cathedral on the hill on me dinner hour, handed over the award to the Gallic electric eel, Allan whilst getting a piss easy 'over the moon to be here' story and making sure le magnifique froggy swapped his phone number for the chronicle trophy so ah had another toon superstar on tap, up here for thinking, doon there for dancing and yet another example for any budding regional sports journalist of how the fuck to get stuff done! Lol. Anyways, bags to pack, Kamagra to get. Laters."
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    No, I don't need an excuse to laugh at Miguel Delaney.
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    Worth noting that the likes of George Floyd won't show up on that graph, he wasn't shot to death by police, he was suffocated by them and he isn't the only one. There's a reason "I can't breathe" has been chanted and on signs across the US. Neither will Ahmaud Arbrey, who was chased down in a pickup truck and shot for jogging while being black, which would have been completely written off if one of them hadn't been stupid enough to record and release a video of the whole thing. Breonna Taylor possibly will but then, how many white EMTs are going to go to bed tonight concerned that unmarked and unsanctioned police are going to illegally break into their houses and murder them? Those officers haven't even been fucking arrested. In the UK the government has suppressed a report into BAME deaths of coronavirus for "fears it could stoke racial tension" what does that tell you about its contents? Its only 2 years since Windrush ffs. These stories(among many) and the fact that both governments have utterly fucked the response to coronavirus were begging for civil disobedience at some point and it is absolutely necessary.
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    Wraith’s next book will be “ The Mansour Brothers- Mecca’s Gangland Underbelly” They only chopped the hands off their own- nice blokes really, loved their mam. It’ll be his bestseller and may even reach double figures.
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    R.e Delaney... There are questions he won't answer. Why was he seemingly in support of the PIF take over of Manchester United? What has changed in 18 months & why is the discrepancy between his support of one takeover & vilification of another so huge? We all know the answers to these questions. Why is it ok for him to draw wages from a newspaper that is 30% owned by Saudi Arabia? Why is he making a business transaction between a sovereign state and a British millionaire the burden of the working person i.e those who have the least control? He hasn't held Ashley to account in 13 years, he's not even holding Ashley responsible for dealing with Saudi Arabia. In front of his very eyes he's watching his beloved Man United pushed another place down the pecking order by a club who hitherto were also rans, irrelevant. Just like Man City were. It's plain and simple jealously. There's no two ways about it.
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    I don’t think I’ve seen any articles yet criticising Ashley for taking the Saudi money.
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    I'm not too impressed with them and I wouldn't lie if the thought of us winning stuff only because these got on board wouldn't take a bit of the shine off. The trouble is you could say the same for most clubs to differing degrees, from Man City to Chelsea, from Blackburn to Liverpool. The second the game turned professional the gloves were off and a club with a wealthier owner gave that that club a real advantage. It's one of the reasons the old Etonian's have to content themselves literally ruling the country whilst not ruling the football league anymore. Like cups and trophies it always seems there's a time limit on when you won your silver depending on who's telling the story? I think the same goes with rich backers. If it's our turn we'll get it in the neck, more so on account of the human rights issues but we'd get it regardless. It's a tough one but when it comes to it are you going to stop saying you support your club? I stopped going as I couldn't bare paying my money to a parasite who was letting NUFC rot. These would be the opposite, so do I go back? I'm leaning towards yes as I'm fucked if the actions of others is being put on me, personally. I'd be more than happy if this got blocked as long as it was across the board and some real legislation was introduced to let all clubs be ran via their supporters and people paid through the club's to run them. If this doesn't happen then don't come looking for us, we don't run the game nor the country.
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    That *click* sound was the opening of a delicious can.
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    I’m on nightshift number 4 tonight. We’ve spent every night helping out in Covid ITU as there’s not enough staff overnight given they’re proning the ventilated patients and they need fully turning onto their fronts every few hours. I woke up at teatime today and had 3 messages on my phone which all basically said “Please don’t listen to today’s government briefing” Now I know why. Sanctimonious bitch.
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    I blame her husband , Sochal Distan Singh.
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    A friend of mine went into hospital yesterday with corona-virus they put him on one of the new Dyson ventilators last night and today he is really picking up very well
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    For old times' sake...
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    You can celebrate winners all you want mush, I’m sure a lot of the people on here who dislike Bruce did too. The problem with swallowing what is being served up is it’s indicative of the regime, we survive on a whim or a shoestring. You can’t honestly believe we deserve to be where we are in the league based on the showings this seasons? Unless there is either a change of heart from Ashley and he properly supports the team, or he leaves this is as good as it gets. This is the culmination of Newcastle United, aim for safety and everything else is a bonus. It’s not what I thought of when I first started supporting a football team, it’s not what Sir Bobby or Kevin Keegan or Rafa Benitez thought when managing us. I actually like a lot of our players, they graft and they can defend very well and generally are a likeable bunch. But this aiming for survival is draining and honestly drains the fun from the game. Enjoy the win, I did because fuck Chelsea and I’m glad for the players.
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    Let me see you just shit on the seat with me, just shit on the seat with me (shit with me) Just shit with me c'mon Let me see you just cheer a nonce with me, just cheer a nonce with me (nonce. nonce, nonce) Just cheer a nonce with me c'mon Let me see you get beat at Wembo with me, get beat at Wembo with me (get beat with me) Get beat at Wembo with me c'mon And make your giro work Now go to the local chicken shop (uh huh huh ha)
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    Here come the MiB Paedophile defenders Here come the MiB They won't let you remember...
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    My lass told me to put a black metal lid off a jar in the normal bin the other day as apparently they can't be recycled because some sorting machine can't recognise them or something. I instantly snapped with "black lids matter" and got nothing. Could be onto divorce number 2 if this keeps up.
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    Aye, those sort of wankers need to knock that on the head.
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    Anybody in the press or on twitter complaining about saudi money can fuck off. That ship sailed long ago. if this is true I hope we drown in cash and steam roller every media darling club that the wankstain pundits jizz over, all the time speaking up for Ashley and his cronies and gaslighting his criminal mismanagement of our club. The man is a piece of shit in human form and I will be totally delighted when he fucks off for good. I don’t care about the saudis, Id rather it was that than venkys chicken or owen oyston.
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    All you can do is do what you can. Don't forget, your boss is maintaining a line here because he has to. Are they really expecting that there will be no dip in productivity in all this? It's possible, but it's unlikely. But they have to maintain that line to stop people taking the piss. Read the email in that context and then just do the best you can. You are self-evidently not taking the piss and you're not about to start. So just be assured that whatever you can do each day is the best that you can do, and don't stress about the shit that doesn't get done. Zoom out on all of this and you realise that none of this shit matters. The important stuff is what's going on in the hospitals and the people trying to find a vaccine. Everything else is completely irrelevant. Try and remind yourself of this. Seriously, it doesn't matter and its definitely not worth having a breakdown over. Good luck. And I hope this doesn't sound patronising cos I am genuinely concerned about you.

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