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  1. Lads, if you scroll back through this thread, the first person to recommend Detectorists was CT. Anyone for duck pizza?
  2. Have they got Ryder writing the headlines now? What the fuck is that shit show?!
  3. Nice to get some Guinea pigs on here before my lass has to take it. Get well soon, dickheads!
  4. Fuck you dickhead! This Country is my current jam. Fucking great stuff. I couldn't give a flying fuck if any of you flids watch it though. In fact please don't, it's better than any of you.
  5. No win, no fee, slaphead! And get your hands out of your pants.
  6. Camp Auschwitz has been arrested. No word yet on what they're doing with his hoodie. @Rayvin, I'd keep an eye on ebay.
  7. Wild accusation. Wonder if it can be substantiated.
  8. Be fucking great if they can pull together the votes in the senate and send him on his way a few days early.
  9. They're doing it mainly cos there has to be consequences for what he did, and it forces the Republican senators to go on record. Some have said they'll vote for it which ramps up pressure on the others. Last time there was only Romney.
  10. I was listening to something this morning where the bloke said "Zuckerberg and Dorsey don't lean red and they don't lean blue. They lean green." This isn't a conspiracy or a coordinated attack, it was just long overdue time to do something, and once one moved they all had to move.
  11. The reason they didn't do this earlier was money, and the reason they've chosen to do it now is cos the committees they will face, and those now in power, aren't the orange bloke that they've spent the last 5 years profiting from. It's entirely about self preservation. The time to do the right thing was fucking ages ago.
  12. I've stood looking at the Charvels in guitarguitar before. They look great in person - both the bright orange and Shell pink ones. I've just discovered Command Centre on the helix and it's changed my world.
  13. Good thread of twitter sleuthing resulting in the formal identification and reporting to the FBI of two men carrying zip ties. They're working on identification of more of the same.
  14. Sitting at home vaccinated while he sends his kids in to school to infect teachers.
  15. The bloke who insists schools should all stay open getting vaccinated before teachers. I've seen it ALL now.
  16. Just got a Ditto+ looper which will be getting a test run tonight. I'm loving the HX Stomp and Powercab+ BTW. I liked the HX Effects anyway and Line 6 have really nailed the user interface on these things - it's so easy to get good sounds in minute. But the Stomp is something else, the amp modelling sounds amazing and it's so easy to set up a preset. There's some incredible YouTube channels as well about dialling in different models (shoutout to Jason Sadites who is the king of this stuff), so the community shared knowledge is great. I've mainly just been
  17. Aye the London episode was no good. The rest of it is great and like you it felt like a bit of escapism from Lockdown 1.
  18. Good stuff from Pie.
  19. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJxKMArpN0_/?igshid=1azmq4bb3rnrx Canny scary video of an AP photographer who the animals mistakenly decide is "fucking antifa". Fortunately he's alright and there's a decent Trumper at the end who offers to walk him through the crowd.
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