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  1. Politics

    You're right, but it doesn't matter.
  2. Politics

    Be interesting to see what his cabinet looks like now that he's got numbers to play with. Although saying that there's no one with any sense left for him to pick. Anyway I don't give a fuck. Politics can fuck off for a while, I'm gonna watch Love Island and the jungle with the rest of the cripples.
  3. Politics

    Bit rapey.
  4. Politics

    On the plus side, this whole Brexit project is wholly owned by the Tories now. All of the economic damage caused is theirs to explain. People are gonna suffer, and that's shit, but a lot of the silly fuckers will have voted to suffer twice now. It's the kids I feel sorry for. Completely fucked over by old cunts. But 5 years from now, when Brexit has fucked the country, hopefully people will come to their senses. I hope nobody in the formerly Red Wall that's posed for selfies with Johnson in the past week has any expectations of seeing him or any funding increases for their areas for the next 5 years. The stupid cunts.
  5. Politics

    Early night here. I'm not stopping up to watch Tory after Tory celebrate. Cursory check in the morning to make sure the exit poll wasn't horribly wrong, and then that's me done with following this shit for a while.
  6. Politics

    They gave them the hundred hand slap.
  7. Politics

    I'm not buying the sterling thing yet. Even when the exit poll comes out there's scope for things to shift massively - was it 2015 when the exit poll said 316 for the Tories but they ended up with 330-odd. In the current context, there is a massive difference between those two figures. I don't see how the markets can be confident unless the exit poll is going to return a BIG tory majority. Which is possible but would be counter to expectation.... We'll know soon enough. Shitting it here.
  8. Politics

    I need to stop checking and half buying into the hope of all these rumours.
  9. Politics

    Apparently not. It would be completely unheard of because he wouldn't have to even show up in Parliament (which he would love cos zero scrutiny). But apparently there's nothing stopping them from just letting him be PM.
  10. Politics

    This is too much to hope for, surely.
  11. Politics

    This fucking stinks.
  12. Gigs 2019

    Ah man. I've got tickets for April. Unfortunately at the Arena. He needs to get his shit together, he had to pull out of Glastonbury too.
  13. Politics

    I'm getting the vaporiser out. 🧘‍♂️
  14. Politics

    One vote.
  15. Politics

    Cardiff Central is a massive safe Labour seat anyway, just checked. I was sure there was some Cardiff seat that was marginal though.
  16. Politics

    The uni set up some system to allow people to register to vote using internal systems. They set a deadline of the end of October and the Uni sent all the applications to the council. But the uni didn't close the internal application system. So people continued to use the system to apply but nothing ever happened with their applications. Sounds like 180 people affected. But there's another 200 people affected by a second fuck up in Cardiff.
  17. Politics

    This Cardiff uni voter registration thing is a shocker. Pretty sure Cardiff is a marginal as well.
  18. Politics

  19. General Random Conversation..

    That's nice. I get my feeling of self worth from watching videos of other people do that shit.
  20. What are you drinking?

    I'd get yourself a nice bottle of Malbec, Chianti or Valopullicehli.
  21. General Random Conversation..

    It's a tearjerker.... You've been warned.
  22. Politics

    I cancelled her out. Glindon will not be denied.
  23. Politics

    Baggsy first to vote! Changed my mind at the last and went Brexit Party. Come on Nige, let's do this.
  24. Politics

    Hugh Grant has had a very good election.
  25. Cooking

    I turned my skills to the kitchen yesterday, knocking together a pasta dish from Jamie Oliver's latest book. And let me tell you, it was TO DIE FOR! Think I might make something else from it later on in the week when I've worked my way through what's left of this pasta. Anyone else on here a budding GENIUS in the kitchen like me? And never mind the "cooking is gay" stuff either. I'm impervious to it.

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