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  1. This daft shite has been on his vinegars for over 24 hours with this deal. "Uh.... I'm coming............... Not yet....... Don't stop................ Uhhhh won't be long............ Hngggg...... Keep going...." I'm SICK of it.
  2. Honestly, I'll have wykiki charged with rape if this falls through.
  3. He's not playing fortunately. Too busy posing for photos from the bench with his new Newcastle shirt.
  4. It's not even half time in the match vs Ecuador ffs. Incidentally there have been 3 red cards in the first 26 minutes.
  5. You absolutely cannot pull moves like this. This is seriously a banning offence. GUARDS!
  6. stalking round the bedroom looking like Bobby Ball.
  7. Get Jeremiah St Juste in just to see what absolute bullshit chant CT emerges from his studio with.
  8. PaddockLad forced to answer to the name Dan Marino in the bedroom and shout "42......36......HUT! HUT!" immediately prior to penetration. "You like that, The Fridge, don't you?!"
  9. Sorry like but this has to be bullshit. He's 30 fucking 6 and an arsehole.
  10. Yannick Carrasco for 60m is the latest twitter horseshit.
  11. Can't be doing them any harm as a group to be fannying on in that weather. Hopefully they come back ready to kick the everliving fuck out of Everton and Villa. We could do without Everton appointing a new manager by then, but at the same time it would be canny to pump Lampard and Gerrard's teams one after the other.
  12. Howe in long trousers and a baseball cap, the fucking daywalker.
  13. As Howay says, Monchi is lifting his skirt so high, we can see the tip. Might still come to nothing, but I think they definitely want to steer us back in their direction this window.
  14. Aye but if we bring in another few before the window closes, we really should be able to gradually pull away from the mess at the bottom. Upgrading half the first team would have to translate into points on the board. Especially if we get someone like Zapata who looks an absolute monster (not racist). Plus Wilson will be back for the final charge to the line.
  15. I mean.... The segments for all the other owners are based on their total wealth too btw, not all (or even most) of which will be earmarked for expenditure on their clubs either. Which makes it a fair representation, at least relatively speaking of the distribution of wealth, and spending power, if not necessarily spending intention.
  16. Another successful bomb defusal from Rees-Mogg in the commons just now. When asked by Chris Bryant about the Afghan dog stuff, he accused Bryant of "fussing over a few animals". I'd love to kick his face in.
  17. In case anyone hasn't. And I know that this is not ALL our money, but the same goes for the owners of all the other clubs. PRE TAKEOVER POST TAKEOVER That is objectively funny.
  18. Have you seen that video where they have the pie chart of the PL wealth distribution pre-takeover and the same post-takeover?
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