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  1. We're bound to have some big networkers on here.
  2. She's buckled to Jones. Some party leader.
  3. She's getting ripped to bits by the newly far left Greens and Owen Jones for this very innocuous tweet. Welcome to what it's like to have that little prick infiltrate your party.
  4. Another day, another Athletic article worrying about the use of snus in football. The Athletic does more investigations into the use of snus in football than the cycling authorities do into the use of blood doping.
  5. Musk discovering that not all billionaires are venal cunts.
  6. American elections are bonkers. $50m in less than 24 hours.
  7. You see him reporting this all the time. It's cos he's plugged into the world of agents and they're all shady shits trying to bounce their clients into a move, cos that's how they make their money.
  8. It's the same disease all the Man United fans have that respond "Errr I think I'll trust the successful businessman if you don't mind", as if business success makes these people paragons of anything other than making lots of money. People worship Musk cos he's loaded, despite all the evidence that he's a seriously flawed and deeply unpleasant human being.
  9. The way yanks pronounce comma confuses things here slightly. It's probably more Calm-a-la than Comma-la. So NOW there's REALLY no excuse. You're welcome.
  10. Here you go lads. No excuse for mispronouncing it from now on.
  11. Musk is an absolute scumbag.
  12. Aye, agreed. He just never fails to stoop to a new low. I hope Harris fucking wops him.
  13. More likely that that's why he wanted Paqueta.
  14. He's such an appalling shithead. Biden has put 50 years in to his career and this arsehole just couldn't do anything other than be a cunt about him bowing out.
  15. She could do a lot worse. And based on the second video he could destroy Vance in a VP debate.
  16. I said get this old cunt out of this race.
  17. He's just endorsed Harris so it looks like that's the way it's going now.
  18. Good news. I've heard the Trump lot already saying that they'll be challenging this in the courts - they desperately didn't want this to happen. No idea what their case is, but the way Trump has rigged the court system and the supreme Court, it has to be a concern even if they really don't have a case.
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