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  1. HR Experts

    TBF only 70% of those leaving reported Wyki as the motivating factor.
  2. HR Experts

    TBH your work sounds awesome.
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Clearly that’s why she had to ask for help.
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I’m guessing so seeing as he goes from claiming the wins were due to a run of luck to bemoaning the fact that Bruce wasn’t getting any credit for the results.
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    It’s all Rafa’s fault, lads.
  6. Politics

    Giving favourable coverage to the Tories is one thing but giving airtime for what is essentially a right wing Twitter mob to promote their services is beyond the pale.
  7. Politics

    And today they have someone on shilling for Toby Young’s latest ‘free speech’ grift. This is getting ridiculous and isn’t doing the BBC any favours at all.
  8. Mo Farah

    Aye, I'm sure Lance Armstrong still has a few quid left in the bank.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    He seems like the sort of person you'd want leading these negotiations.
  10. Protesting against something that is going to be scrapped anyway? Seems a little bit pointless to me.
  11. Best away fans in the Premier League

    Aye, skirts and contrast laces scream masculinity.
  12. Joelinton

    You're mates with a mackem? And you call yourself a proper fan?
  13. Holidays 2020

    The tube ain’t quite as idyllic as you let on.
  14. Holidays 2020

    Two million users a day. That’s a lot of newbies and tourists. One of my first jobs in London meant living in Canary Wharf and working on the Seven Sister Road. Any suggestions on how to do that without using the tube?
  15. Holidays 2020

    Aye, well anything under 20mins I’ve walked. Anything over and it’s been the tube and it’s simply miserable at rush hour.
  16. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Who the fuck is Linton?
  17. Politics

    Any other minorities you’d happily sacrifice in your relentless pursuit of power?
  18. Holidays 2020

    It’s a fantastic to visit. My view on working there depended on the length of my morning commute. Any more than 20mins wasn’t enjoyable. Obviously there aren’t too many people living there with a sub 20 minute commute.
  19. This is the news!

    RIP Wolfy. Unfortunately we knew ye.
  20. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Bruce is the symptom rather than the cause. He isn’t doing a particularly bad job by his own standards, it’s just that those standards are ridiculously low.
  21. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Same with the commentators on the live stream. It’s almost like none of them have actually watched our matches.
  22. Politics

    ‘I believe in your rights. Just not enough to defend them.’
  23. The Boxing thread

    The rematch doesn’t make any boxing sense for Wilder given how badly he was exposed. He’d get a nice pay day from it but he’d be better going for someone like Ruiz or Kownacki next and hoping to rebuild his career.

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