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  1. London lawyers? He must be serious. He could only be more serious if he’d hired Jewish lawyers.
  2. That would be a mistake IMO. They shouldn’t vote against but voting for the deal means that when Starmer criticises the deal at any point over the next four years then the Tories are going to come back every time with ‘well you voted for it’. Abstaining wouldn’t be the best tactic to win back the ‘red wall’ but overall would be the safest option.
  3. It’s quite an achievement to be the biggest twat at a newspaper that employs Alison Pearson and Fraser Nelson.
  4. I’ve spoken to the Jews and they’re adamant that this is worse than the Holocaust.
  5. Well that’s half of Northern Ireland not getting vaccinated and the other half wanting a double dose.
  6. He’s refusing to shower until covid is gone.
  7. ewerk Times: Tomorrow’s News Yesterday
  8. Sorry for both your losses. We do things differently over here so can’t offer much advice other than do what you what is right and safe for you.
  9. Nah, H2H takes precedence in European football this season.
  10. Had it out yesterday, piece of piss but then again I am double hard.
  11. The Maradona film released last year is well worth a watch if anyone hasn’t seen it.
  12. In 2008 we had none of the business support we have had this time round. Some businesses won’t survive but again not on the same scale as 2008. And I said deep austerity. The two pricks in Downing Street want to be popular. They aren’t Cameron and Osborne and there’s no appetite for austerity from the public.
  13. There will be a bounce back towards the end of the first quarter. I wouldn’t expect it to be back to 2019 levels immediately but it will be nowhere near as bad as the last crash and neither Johnson nor Sunak have any desire to implement deep austerity.
  14. The Chancellor didn't even mention it in the spending review today.
  15. Yeah but I'm fairly confident we'll have the largest rise in GDP for 300 years next year.
  16. £10,000,000,000 extra spent because the Tories decided that a stockpile of PPE was too expensive to maintain.
  17. A natural stepping stone to the NUFC job according to Ashley.
  18. Stop saying THE Magna Carta!
  19. The fine is up to £27k now
  20. I hope the dumb fuck goes bankrupt.
  21. Not really, it will be another 12 or 13 years before the tariff falls to zero.
  22. There would be obvious costs but that equipment could be moved to another plant so the entire investment wouldn’t be lost. A 10% tariff on car exports simply cannot be sustained so without a deal Nissan will inevitably leave the U.K.
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