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  1. Coronavirus

    Johnson getting REALLY fed up with these questions on Cummings.
  2. Proper football, none of that forren muck, is back on 17th June!
  3. Coronavirus

    Fucking snowflake.
  4. Coronavirus

    Track and trace has started well...
  5. Coronavirus

    I also liked how the top half of the front page he tweeted involved a newspaper supplying front line workers with PPE because the government previously couldn't. The shame doesn't even register with him.
  6. Coronavirus

    It was brought up a while ago how the rest of the world were aghast at our death figures but the attitude in the UK seemed to be rather nonplussed.
  7. Coronavirus

    This is when trust in government pays off.
  8. Precedent Trump

    Very quickly caveated with 'but not in the physical sense'.
  9. Coronavirus

    Aye, I often think the same about Simon McCoy.
  10. Coronavirus

    That’s quite enough of that. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52824508
  11. General Random Conversation..

    It's like Superman buying himself a kryptonite necklace except instead of Superman it's a rubbery faced middle aged fella from Tynemouth with a pet allergy.
  12. Coronavirus

    The approach seems to be working.
  13. Coronavirus

    It probably would have been a consideration that if Starmer came out too hard on Cummings and Johnson then it would be much harder for Tory MPs to make the same calls for sacking.
  14. Coronavirus

    I will!
  15. Coronavirus

    It’s not but you would, wouldn’t you?
  16. Coronavirus

    My (Sinn Fein) MP replied to me saying ‘BRITS OUT!’
  17. Coronavirus

    It appears that the only people Johnson shows loyalty to in his life are his aides. If you look at the people around him now, they've all been part of him teams from his time as Mayor of London and at the FCO.
  18. Coronavirus

    This is absurd and highly unlikely to quell the anger on the Tory back benches.
  19. Coronavirus

    How generous of you.
  20. Coronavirus

    Even Don is getting involved now.
  21. Coronavirus

    Johnson won't be going anywhere any time soon.
  22. Coronavirus

    Sunak's approval rating has taken a nose dive lately. Plus I'm not sure fellow MPs would be happy with a guy who was unknown by many just a few months ago getting the top job so quickly.
  23. Coronavirus

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